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Sell more plants... Guaranteed! Use Proven Winners® Branded Containers

PROVEN WINNERS® Self-Aligning Containers and Trays

Retailers across the country are selling their Proven Winners® crops faster and at higher profits by growing in Proven Winners® branded containers. On average, retailers sell over twice as much product by switching to Proven Winners® branded containers.


2017 Branded Container Guidelines

See Proven Winners® container updates for selected annuals and perennials here.


The Self-Symetricize® System

Use the Proven Winners® Self-Symetricize® system to create clean, customer-friendly displays effortlessly. No matter how the branded containers are set into the tray, the unique Self-Symetricize® lock lines up each container perfectly every time. The centered tag-locks on each branded container ensure the tags line up exactly with each Self-Symetricize® tray, making it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for. Self-Symetricize® branded containers are available in 4.25 Grande™ and 4.50 Classic™ styles.

SELF-SYMETRICIZE® Container and Tray


More Branded Container Options

Click here for more information on branded container sizes and styles.


Rock It To Lock It

This video shows how easy it is to insert Proven Winners and Proven Selections stick tags, for a great look at retail.