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Season Extending Ideas

Plants that Extend the Seasons

All Proven Winners® are selected because of their superior performance all season, but some varieties have enhanced tolerance for the weather challenges of specific seasons.

Early Spring Sensations

Decadence® series Baptisia
Flirtation® Diascia
Chablis series Lamium
Innocence® & Sunsatia® Nemesia
Bright Lights™, Soprano® & Symphony Osteospermum
Anytime® series Pansiola
Color Spires® series Salvia

Purple Chabli™ Lamium Flirtation® Diascia Symphony Osteospermum

Summer Wonders

Artist® Ageratum
Angelface® Angelonia
Flambé® Chrysocephalum
Señorita® Cleome
Dalina® Dahlia
Fruit Punch™ Dianthus
Summerific® Hibiscus
Blue My Mind™ Evolvulus
Forest™ Gomphrena
Infinity® New Guinea Impatiens
Mojave™ Portulaca
Catalina® & Summer Wave® Torenia
Cora® Vinca (Catharanthus)
Sweet Tooth™Zinnia

Artist® Ageratum Rockapulco® Impatiens Señorita® Cleome Luscious®Lantana Blue My Mind™ Evolvulus Catalina® Torenia

Autumn Achievers

Flambé® Chrysocephalum
Flirtation® Diasicia
Dolce® Heuchera
Rock ’n Grow® Sedum

Flambé® Chrysocephalum Dolce® Heuchera ‘Lemonjade’ Sedum

All Season All Stars

These plants have incredible cold and heat tolerance all in one plant!

Butterfly & Vanilla Butterfly® Argyranthemum
Goldilocks Rocks® & Peter’s Gold Carpet Bidens
Sundaze® Bracteantha
Superbells® Calibrachoa
Princess® and Knight® Lobularia
Supertunia® Petunia
Intensia® Phlox
Lanai®, Superbena® & Tukana® Verbena

Peter’s Gold Carpet Bidens Princess® Lobularia Sundaze® Bracteantha Supertunia® Petunia Superbells® Calibrachoa Superbena® Verbena


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