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Proven Profits, September 2014

Proven Profits

Know What to Grow & Sell in 2015

Take the guesswork out of 2015 crop planning by growing what consumers are actually buying. Four Star’s bar code sales data from retail shows the most popular plants and combinations sold this year.

Read MoreBy tracking actual retail sales of annuals, perennials, shrubs and combinations, Four Star and five retail garden centers are generating a mountain of useful information that can help growers plan crops for next year. This program, which we outlined in 2013, has tracked bar codes of individual plant stock-keeping units (SKUs) for three years, expanding coverage every year.

“We now measure everything we sell,” says Amber Coch, Garden Ready Sales Supervisor. “For 2014, we extended the line that some of the five participating retailers carried.”

The goal of each year’s tracking program is to help growers select crops that are proven sellers, and help retailers carry the right product mix. The retail and retail/growing companies participating in the program include data from many different locations (one retailer has as many as 50 stores).

As a result, many of them are focusing on the products that actually sell in their stores. This information can be critical for growers’ bottom line, notes Coch. “Some growers have the same crops from year to year, then find themselves with extra flats of unsold plants. We’re changing the model and offering information to help growers switch production to products that are truly in demand.”

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Perennials & Shrubs — 
Choose Your Best Option

Read MorePerennials and flowering shrubs are grabbing consumers’ attention, and many annuals growers are starting to grow them.  Here are some tips to help ensure that your plants are healthy and ready for market.

Perennial and shrub growers have a choice — either buy small plugs in late summer/early fall and do their own bulking and vernalization over the winter, or buy larger plugs for the spring and force them for market, says Dan Foster, Site Manager/Product Line Manager, who oversees growing of grasses, perennials and ColorChoice® shrubs at Four Star Greenhouse.

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Different Plants, Many Advantages

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Tom Smith, President of Four Star Greenhouse.

Ever wonder why there are different Supertunia® Picassos®, several types of Lobularia, and other multiple options?  We asked Tom Smith, President of Four Star Greenhouse, to explain what makes each variety stand out, and why you should grow them.

Growers looking through the Four Star catalog will see many examples of plant genera available in different varieties.  It can be a bit confusing if you don’t know why they are different, but by offering varieties with distinct growing and performance characteristics, both growers and gardeners can select the plants that fit them best.

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Get Big Impact with Caladiums

Two new Proven Winners® Caladium plants are making waves with growers and consumers — Artful™ Fire and Ice™ and Heartfire™. These large, showy accent plants love full shade, with the added bonus of also being tolerant of full sun! They are ideal for mixing in landscape beds and combinations for stunning color and versatility.
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