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New 104 Liners

Our innovative 104 Liners offer more plants, more profits.

Dennis Crum

“We spent a lot of time designing the new 104 Liner. We understand this is a shift for growers and take it seriously. Last season our growers produced 104s as young plants through to finished, creating all our baskets from 104s. We saw no difference in quality of plugs or finished, and offsite growers who grew from 104s have been very pleased. With nearly 97% soil volume of an 84 Liner, the 104 allows you to stick to the same, consistent growing schedule while you save on shipping. We are happy to pass along the benefits to you!”

Dennis Crum
Director of Growing Operations


Here’s what growers are saying about the 104:

David Vos, Vander Giessen in Lynden, WA

“Four Star's new 104 cell trays have been a great option for us this year as we look for ways to maximize our efficiency and minimize freight costs. Compared to an 84 cell plug, the 104 size has shown no significant difference in growth rate or finish time. Since we get 25% more plugs in a tray, the freight savings per tray are significant as well, which helps to keep costs down. We're excited that Four Star is making this switch and look forward to switching all of our liners to 104 cell trays!”

Laura Anderson, Pleasant Valley Farms in Van Buren, AR

“We are happy with the 104 tray. The size is not much different than the 84, but the 104 tray just makes production easier since we put all our other cuttings in 105 trays as well.”

Jason Smith, Grower at Quality Greenhouse in Dillsburg, PA

“We see no difference in performance in the 104 tray versus the 84 tray. From what we see so far, we expect no delay in finishing time. The freight savings will be significant, and handling fewer trays is also a big plus.”

104 Liner tray benefits

Rigorously trialed and tested for three years, this innovative design is proven to deliver more to you.

  • 24% more plants for your shipping dollar
  • Plug volume of 1.23 Cu inches – nearly 97% soil volume of an 84 Liner
  • 104 Liners are sold as 102 plugs in a 104-cell unit
  • Offers same footprint as an 84 Liner tray (10x20)
    • Easier production planning – same finishing times for Grandes™, hanging baskets, gallons
    • “Endless” tray format for automated transplanting

For the past two years Four Star has produced all our hanging baskets from 104 Liners, and this past season all Grandes™ were grown from 104s and Supernova® 52s with the same reliable crop time and quality you’ve come to expect from 84s.

104s are perfect for hanging baskets, gallon and small container production, with 24% more plants per tray. And because 104 Liners finish in the same time as 84 Liners, you get reliable performance without changing your production schedule or cultural requirements.

Four Star Greenhouse 104 Liner