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What Consumers Want to Know

Help new and loyal customers find exciting options for their gardening interests. Proven Winners® receives more than 30,000 questions annually from visitors. Here are some popular ones, plus some ideas to help you connect with customers and make your store stand out.

How can I attract pollinators to my garden?

Capture customers’ imaginations with workshops and POP displays focused on plants that attract pollinators such as butterflies, hummingbirds and bees. For a list of plants that attract butterflies and hummingbirds, click here.


  • Stock end-caps with pollinator-attracting plants and use POP to guide shoppers to the area.
  • Pollinator Paradise — Schedule a family-oriented DIY workshop to make colorful and simple birdhouses. Learn how to make them here. Learn how to make them here.
  • Mason bees — Provide information and stock Mason bee nests to encourage customers to nurture this non-stinging, super-pollinating variety of bees. Learn some of the best bee-keeping practices here.  

Watch this video to learn how to create a planter that attracts butterflies and honey bees.

Which plants use less water?

Proven Winners® POP makes it easy for customers to find drought-tolerant and heat-loving varieties.


  • Group drought-tolerant and heat-loving varieties together along with Proven Winners® POP to educate and guide customers to this area. For more information on plants that are heat-loving and drought-tolerant, click here.  
  • Succulents are on trend. Create an end-cap with planted containers of succulents and individual varieties.
  • Exhibit the Proven Winners Gardener’s Idea Book prominently, which includes information about heat- and drought-tolerant plants.

What new ideas do you have for containers?

Encourage home gardeners to experiment with the latest trend — shrubs in mixed containers. Proven Winners® has numerous resources to show how simple this can be. To learn how to underplant a shrub in a container, click here.


  • Create a display using unique containers planted with dwarf shrub varieties as the centerpiece, surrounded by other plants.
  • Showcase hydrangea trees planted in large containers or schedule a workshop on how to create these. Learn how to grow your own hydrangea tree here.
  • For another great workshop idea, plant several portable urban gardens to show customers how easy these can be done.  Click here to see how.
  Pollinator Attracting Plants

Lemon Coral Sedum & Gardener's Idea Book
Container Ideas

Which plants love sun and shade?

Use Proven Winners® POP and group plants by light requirements to guide customers to bestselling sun and shade varieties.  Read about the basics of sun and shade here.


  • Prominently display the Proven Winners® Gardener’s Idea Book to show varieties that thrive in sun and shade.
  • Create containers with varieties that do well in both types of light. For tips on planting in shade, click here.