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Programs Designed to Benefit Growers

Maximizing your Success with Proven Winners®

Experienced Proven Winners® growers know how to make the power of this brand work for them:

Whether your operation is large or small, Four Star’s programs are designed to help you increase your profit margin and grow every crop more easily and successfully. We listened to your challenges, and have developed programs like easy-order Bundled Combinations, fast-growing and robust Supernova® liners, and our grow-together Benchrun Collections for warm or cool crops. Need a solution? Ask our experts for help!

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Bundled combinations
Branded containers
Automatically shipped branded containers and plants
Standard liners and sizes
Supernova® fast-turn liners
Benchrun Collections
Tag Solutions


Canterbury: SUPERBELLS® Pomegranate Punch, SUPERBELLS® White, SUPERTUNIA® Black Cherry
Canterbury: Superbells® Pomegranate Punch, Superbells® White, Supertunia® Black Cherry