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Use Outdoor Growing Space to Increase Sales and Profits

Outdoor Growing

Turn Outdoor Growing Space Into Spring Sales

Outdoor growing is the simplest, low-cost way to grow top quality plants.  By taking advantage of cool night temps the plants are toned, well branched and stronger while the bright spring days push blooms for maximum color. Take advantage of natural light and the cost savings (no fans, electricity, etc.) of growing outdoors on weed mat with a simple watering system. Every year we grow product this way from early season through fall. We leave $1 million per acre greenhouses set empty to take advantage of this outdoor environment.

Start Early in the Spring with Frost Tolerant Crops

Criteria for the moving day

  • Moderate temperatures (40’s)
  • Overcast skies
  • Little to no wind (most important factor).

We recommend moving approximately 4 weeks before the last frost free date. Due to fluctuations in weather conditions, the schedule may have to be adjusted. Please note your specific region requirements.

Once danger of frost has passed, you can safely move all your Proven Winners® and Proven Selections® crops to outdoor growing space. For later season, try Summer and Fall varieties. These plants are great for both consumers and growers; and the best part is they’re perfectly suited for growing outdoors.

Crops To Move Outside

Group 1 – Frost to 25 degrees

  • Butterfly® series Argyranthemum
  • Superbells® series Calibrachoa
  • Knight™ & Princess® series Lobularia
  • Symphony series Osteospermum
  • Supertunia® series Petunia (except Black Cherry®, Bordeaux™, Charm series, Limoncello®, Trailing Rose Veined and Trailing Strawberry Veined)

Group 2 – Frost to 28 degrees

  • Silver Bullet® Artemisia
  • Laguna® series Lobelia
  • Bluebird & Sunsatia® series Nemesia
  • Intensia® series Phlox

Group 3 – Light frost

  • Campfire® Flame & Goldilocks Rocks® Bidens
  • Bright Lights™ series Osteospermum
  • Supertunia® Black Cherry®, Bordeaux™, Charm series, Limoncello®, Trailing Rose Veined and Trailing Strawberry Veined Petunia
Argyranthemum Vanilla Butterfly
Bidens Goldilocks Rocks
Superbells Spicy
Lobelia Lucia Lavender Blush

Growing Tip

Water as necessary; when plants are ready, we water thoroughly with a high feed rate. After heavy rains, we feed with 400-600 ppm of nitrogen and then allow the plants to dry out before next watering (see Proven Winners® Professional Fertilizers).

Additional Outdoor Growing Information

Click here to learn from Director of Growing Dennis Crum on how outdoor crop production expands growing space and increases crop quality.  “Maximizing Space” from Greenhouse Grower, Talking Shop, January 2009.

Our friendly staff would be happy to answer any questions you may have about growing your Proven Winners® and Proven Selections® plants outside. Call (734) 654-6420 or email your questions to