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The SUPERNOVA® Solution

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Get faster turns and consistent flowering when you want it by growing SUPERNOVA® liners for small container production. Supernova crops grown at an average daily temperature of 65° F can be ready and in bloom in as early as four to five weeks, compared to a typical eight to ten-week growing cycle from 104 liners. This gives growers the option to grow more turns, more quickly.

These bud-initiated liners are treated to flower faster, develop better branching, and flower consistently — with fewer inputs. No pinching is needed and they require less growth regulating than 104 liners.

SUPERNOVA® Liner Sizes

(4.25 in. – 1 GL)

SUPERNOVA® 52 liners are designed specifically for small container production. Decreases 4.5-in. crop times by one to two weeks, and 1 GL crop times by two to three weeks. These liners are programmed to flower consistently so your entire crop is ready on time and are spaced into every other cell to allow for maximum branching and light diffusion. We finish all of our garden ready GRANDE™ and ROYALE™ production from SUPERNOVA® 52 liners when available for consistent, on-time color and maximum flowering.


(4.25 in. – 1 GL)

SUPERNOVA® 50 liners are designed specifically for small container production. These liners have a larger, more developed root system and result in earlier and more consistent flowering compared to 104 liners. Exclusive program for our SUNPATIENS® Impatiens and INFINITY® New Guinea Impatiens.


(1 GL, 6-in. or 8-in.)

SUPERNOVA® 28 THRILLER™ liners give your center or tall feature plant a growing advantage when planted with 104 liners. These liners are programmed for early flowering and a larger, bulked plug and can be used for a quick finish. (1 GL, 6-in. or 8-in.)

SUPERNOVA® 28 for Perennials

Designed for perennials to significantly reduce the grow time and eliminate the grower’s need to bulk and vernalize. Ideal for finishing in 1.0 GL ROYALE™ in the same season.

GRACEFUL GRASSES® Fireworks comparison at 9 weeks old

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