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The SUPERNOVA® Solution

Supernova® liners are programmed liners with a treatment of intensive lighting, spacing to encourage growth, pinching, PGRs and heat – all of which help the liners flower faster and consistently with thicker branching. Growers will enjoy:

  • Shorter crop times
  • Consistent and faster flowering
  • Less pinching and fewer PGRs
  • Increased branching
Golden Butterfly Supertunia Trailing Silver


Brian Bourdon

"Supernova® liners are faster to flower and need less attention, so they are a great way to save production time and labor. That’s why these liners can benefit growers of all sizes. Standard-sized liners typically take 7 to 10 weeks to be ready to market in a 4-in. container, but Supernova Liners are ready much more quickly. They take only 4 to 5 weeks to finish, and need no pinching or PGRs, which is why many growers have been able to finish plants yearly and add an extra turn every season."

Brian Bourdon
Product Line Manager & Offsite Manager

SUPERNOVA® Liner Sizes


Designed for small container production, Supernova® 52 liners are only offered in Annual varieties that benefit from the Supernova treatment and show a strong response to the programmed care. All of Four Star’s finished Grande™ and Royale™ production is grown from Supernova® liners when available for consistent, on-time color and maximum flowering.


Specialty Supernova® Sizes

Supernova® 50 Liner

Designed for small container production, Supernova® 50 liners are specifically offered in Infinity® New Guinea Impatiens and Sunpatiens® Impatiens to produce a quicker flowering turn for growers.


Spernova® 28 Thriller™

A multiple use Supernova® 28 Thriller™ liners can be used for a quick turn in a Royale™ or they can be a jump-start as the “Thriller” of a combination. Not just a larger plug with a well-developed root system, 28 Thriller™ liners receive the Supernova treatment that creates more bud-initiated breaks.

Supernova® 28 for Perennials

For a quick turn in the first season, Supernova® 28 liners can be grown alongside annuals for a fast turn with no need to bulk or vernalize these perennials.


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