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Tag Solutions for Every Grower’s Needs

Tag Solutions, Aloha, Snow Princess, Superbena Coral Red, Hanging Basket Display

Free Tag Exchange for Container Plantings

Tag Solutions

All Proven Winners® and Proven Selections® plants arrive with one variety specific stick tag per plant.

Tag Exchange is a free program that allows growers to trade some variety specific stick tags for a large hanging basket/container tag called a Container Style tag.

Container Style tags come neatly bundled in groups of 21 and are diecut for hanging on the hook of a hanging basket and perforated for use with a “chop stick” in an upright container.

Free and Easy

Benefits of Tag Exchange:

  1. Free — there is no cost to participate
  2. Easy — no need to do the math — just ask for Tag Exchange
  3. Adds visibility — consumers can find Proven Winners® baskets and containers with ease
  4. Reduces excess tags — eliminates up to 76% of the waste from extra tags
Container Style Tag

How to Participate in Tag Exchange

  1. Separate your orders into small pot production (4.25 Grande™ and 1.0 GL Royale™) and large container production (hanging baskets and upright containers).
  2. Indicate “Tag Exchange” on the large container production order.
  3. Receive Container Style tags and variety specific stick tags with your plant order.
  4. Place one variety specific stick tag for each different variety in the planting.
  5. Place one Container Style tag in the planting.
  6. Sell containers quicker with the easily seen Proven Winners® brand recognition.

Both monoculture and combination plantings work with Tag Exchange.  As long as you are using more than one plug of a variety in the planting, the Tag Exchange will apply. 

Note:  A minimum quantity of two trays per variety is required.

Tag Solutions

Customized Container Style Tags

While over 450 favorite combinations are already available as Combination Specific Container Style tags, customized tags can be created. Contact your Four Star Sales Representative for more information on pricing and minimum quantities.