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Combination Ideas

Creating successful combinations can be a puzzling situation. Will the plants grow well together? What are the most popular colors?
Will home gardeners like the combination once you’ve spent weeks growing it?

Here are some simple tips to creating successful combinations.

1. Pay Attention to the Color Trends Predicted by Experts

Predicting the future is a difficult job, but the Color of the Year from Pantone has been an excellent guide for our industry recently.  This year, Pantone chose two shades to be used together for the Color(s) of the Year.  When blending Rose Quartz and Serenity, there will be softer take on color that can bring a persuasive yet gentle tone to your retail selection.



Color of the Year:
Laguna™ Sky Blue Lobelia
Superbena® Sparkling Ruby Verbena
Angelface® Perfectly Pink Angelonia
Supertunia® Mini Rose Vein Petunia
Blue My Mind® Evolvulus

Color of the Year

2. Track Winning Combinations

Four Star’s bar code tracking of retail sales gives accurate data on real buyers’ preferences.  This information can help you plan for solid 2017 sales by growing the most popular combinations.

Here are the Top 15 combinations from Spring 2016:

  1. Starry Night
  2. Bermuda Skies
  3. Bahama Beach
  4. Velvet Crush
  5. Evening Breeze
  6. Above and Beyond
  7. Candyland
  8. Northern Lights
  9. Honey Soaked Orange
  10. Enduring Enchantment
  11. Waikiki Beach
  12. Renaissance
  13. Velvet Skies
  14. Jubilant
  15. Grand Traverse Cherry Wine

To see what varieties are in the bestsellers, go to and download the Hanging Basket Combination PDF.

Starry Night

Starry Night:
Superbells® Lemon Slice
Supertunia® Royal Velvet
Surfinia® Red

3. Grow Proven Winners® nationally promoted combinations for each season

Take advantage of Proven Winners® national advertising and millions of marketing impression. Grow Above and Beyond for the Spring, Backyard BBQ for the Summer and Honeybelle in the Fall.

Also available as STREAMLINER™ MULTI-LINER™ combinations.

Previous nationally promoted combinations continue to have excellent sales at retail. Don’t forget to continue to grow Evening Breeze, Summer Breeze, Autumn Breeze, Bahama Beach, Strawberry Kiss, Velvet Skies and Bermuda Skies, in addition to the 2017 combinations.

Above and Beyond Backyard BBQ Honeybelle

Above and Beyond:
Supertunia® Vista Bubblegum®
Supertunia® Vista Fuchsia Improved
Supertunia® Vista Silverberry

Backyard BBQ:
Superbells® Dreamsicle
Flambé® Yellow
Supertunia® Really Red

Campfire® Fireburst
Superbells® Yellow
Supertunia® Honey


4. Give Customers the Colors They Love

What is their favorite flower color?



5. Select Varieties using Vigor Ratings

Choose varieties with the same vigor rating to ensure all plants will grow at the same rate.



Napa Twilight:
SUPERTUNIA® Bordeaux – Vigor 3
SUPERBELLS® Cherry Red – Vigor 3
SUPERBELLS® White – Vigor 3



6. Make Combinations Exciting

Who doesn’t love surprises?  Creative growers are introducing non-traditional “Thrilller” elements to make combinations stand up and get noticed.  Recent innovations include using perennials, shrubs and tropical to create interest and excitement.





Picnic in the Shade:
Cityline® Mars
Endless™ Flirtation
Summer Wave® Large Blue

Picnic in the Shade


7. Don’t forget combinations for the shade!

Combinations with shade-loving varieties continue to grow in popularity, especially when retailers highlight them with P.O.P.  Many new varieties have been developed to thrive in both sun and shade, and are ideal for both hanging baskets and upright containers.




So Good:
SunPatiens® Compact Neon Pink
Laguna™ White
Snowstorm® Blue Bubbles

So Good


Great Combination Ideas

2017 Combinations Ideas

Download Download as .pdf


Carousel of Magic:
SUPERTUNIA® Vista Fuchsia
INTENSIA® Star Brite