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Discontinued List

In an effort to continuously improve the line of plants offered, Four Star has dropped these varieties from our product listing. To help you choose a replacement, we offer the recommended substitutions for each variety. This list has been updated for 2019.

Search for your favorite plants in our plant database by clicking here. Not all substitution plants are in the plant database at this time.


Begonia Funky® Scarlet Begonia Funky® Red
Begonia Nonstop® Appleblossom Begonia Nonstop® White or Rose Petticoat
Begonia Nonstop® Mocca Cherry Begonia Nonstop® Mocca Deep Red
Begonia Nonstop® Mocca Red Begonia Nonstop® Mocca Deep Red
Begonia Nonstop® Mocca White Begonia Nonstop® Joy Mocca White
Begonia San Francisco™ Begonia Santa Cruz®
Cleome Pequeña Rosalita® Cleome Señorita Rosalita®
Gomphrena Forest™ Pink Gomphrena Truffula™ Pink
Gomphrena Forest™ Red Gomphrena Truffula™ Pink
Lantana Bandana® Red Lantana Luscious® Royale Red Zone™
Lantana Luscious® Lemonade Lantana Luscious® Goldengate™
Osteospermum Lemon Symphony Osteospermum Bright Lights™ Yellow
Osteospermum Orange Symphony Osteospermum Bright Lights™ Red
Pelargonium Boldly® Burgundy Pelargonium Boldly® Dark Red
Pelargonium Timeless™ Fire Pelargonium Boldly® Dark Red
Pelargonium Timeless™ Lavender Pelargonium Boldly® Lavender Rose
Pelargonium Timeless™ Orange Pelargonium Boldly® Dark Red
Pelargonium Timeless™ Pink Pelargonium Boldly® Hot Pink
Pericallis Senetti® Blue Pericallis Senetti® Blue Bicolor
Pericallis Senetti® Deep Blue Pericallis Senetti® Blue Bicolor
Pericallis Senetti® Light Blue Bicolor Pericallis Senetti® Violet Bicolor
Pericallis Senetti® Pink Bicolor Pericallis Senetti® Magenta Bicolor
Pericallis Senetti® Ruby Red Pericallis Senetti® Magenta
Pericallis Senetti® Super Blue Pericallis Senetti® Blue Bicolor
Petunia Supertunia® Trailing Bright Pink Petunia Supertunia® Trailing Strawberry Pink Veined
Petunia Supertunia® Trailing Purple Petunia Supertunia® Royal Magenta® 
Petunia Surfinia® Heavenly Blue™ Petunia Supertunia® Blue Skies
Salvia Blue Frost Salvia Rockin’® Playin’ the Blues® 
Salvia Evolution Salvia Rockin’® Playin’ the Blues® 
Solenostemon Pineapple Solenostemon ColorBlaze® Royale Pineapple Brandy™ 



Proven Winners® perennials are primarily grown through our partner, Walters Gardens, Inc. While we continue to offer a limited number of perennials, you can get the full collection by visiting or calling 888-925-8377.

Achillea ‘Firefly Amethyst’ Heucherella Fun and Games® ‘Eye Spy’
Achillea ‘Firefly Diamond’ Heucherella Fun and Games® ‘Red Rover’
Achillea ‘Firefly Sunshine’ Hosta Shadowland® ‘Autumn Frost’
Anemone Fall In Love™ ‘Sweetly’ Hosta Shadowland® ‘Coast to Coast’
Athyrium ‘Crested Surf’ Hosta Shadowland® ‘Diamond Lake’
Brunnera ‘Queen of Hearts’ Hosta Shadowland® ‘Empress Wu’
Delosperma Button Up™ Fire Hosta Shadowland® ‘Etched Glass’
Delosperma Button Up™ Gold Hosta Shadowland® ‘Wu-La-La!’
Delosperma Button Up™ Hot Pink Kniphofia Pyromania™ ‘Orange Blaze’
Dianthus Fruit Punch® ‘Cherry Vanilla’ Kniphofia Pyromania™ ‘Rocket’s Red Glare’
Dianthus Fruit Punch® ‘Maraschino’ Kniphofia Pyromania™ ‘Solar Flare’
Dianthus Fruit Punch® ‘Spiked Punch’ Lavandula Sweet Romance®
Dicentra ‘Pink Diamonds’ Leucanthemum Amazing Daisies® ‘Banana Cream’
Echinacea Lakota™ Fire Leucanthemum Amazing Daisies® Daisy May® 
Gypsophila Festival Star™ Monarda ‘Pardon My Cerise’
Heuchera Dolce® ‘Appletini’ Monarda ‘Pardon My Pink’
Heuchera Dolce® ‘Apple Twist’ Monarda ‘Pardon My Purple’
Heuchera Dolce® ‘Cherry Truffles’ Nepeta ‘Cat’s Meow’
Heuchera Dolce® ‘Silver Gumdrop’ Nepeta ‘Cat’s Pajamas’
Heuchera Dolce® ‘Spearmint’ Phlox ‘Opening Act Pink-a-Dot’
Heuchera Dolce® ‘Wildberry’ Phlox ‘Opening Act Ultrapink’
Heuchera Primo® ‘Black Pearl’ Salvia Color Spires® ‘Indiglo Girl’
Heuchera Primo® ‘Mahogany Monster’ Salvia Color Spires® ‘Violet Riot’
Heuchera Primo® ‘Peachberry Ice’ Salvia ‘Pink Profusion’
Heuchera Primo® ‘Wild Rose’



Hydrangea Quick Fire®  Hydrangea Little Quick Fire® 
Ilex Castle Keep®  Rhamnus Fine Line®
Ilex Castle Wall®  Rhamnus Fine Line®
Syringa Bloomerang® Dwarf Pink Syringa Bloomerang® Dark Purple
Syringa Bloomerang® Dwarf Purple Syringa Bloomerang® Dark Purple