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Plant Care Products

PROVEN WINNERS® plant care products are formulated and designed for maximum effectiveness and ease of use, to give PROVEN WINNERS® and PROVEN SELECTIONS® plants optimum health. 

Professional Water Soluble Fertilizers

Each of the four blends of PROVEN WINNERS® Professional Water Soluble Fertilizer is formulated to work with a specific type of water and all include iron EDDHA, the most readily absorbed form of iron available.

Learn more about the formulas here.  Questions?  Ask your customer service representative for more information on matching fertilizer formulations to site conditions.

Professional Fertilizers are available in 25 lb. bags.

Professional Water Soluble Fertilizers

Premium Potting Soil Boosts Plants

PROVEN WINNERS® Premium Potting soil is a professional-grade product ideal for baskets, containers, window boxes and other plantings.  It’s a blend of composted bark, premium Canadian Sphagnum peat moss and horticultural grade perlite, plus a starter plant food charge, dolomitic lime and a wetting agent.  Soil is available in individual 1.5 cu. ft. bags or per pallet (75 bags per pallet).

WaterWise Drip Irrigation Kits

PROVEN WINNERS® WaterWise™ self-contained drip irrigation kits make it easy for property owners to water upright container plants, hanging baskets, flower boxes and landscape beds automatically.  Kits come with all the valves, adapters, parts and drip emitters needed, plus 100 ft. of vinyl tubing that is easy to cut to length. 

Each kit can water up to 10 12”containers or 100 feet of landscape beds from a single faucet.  Use 2 drippers for 14-20” containers and 3 drippers for 24” or larger containers.  For landscape beds, one dripper should be used per foot of plant height or spread.  Additional kits or extra tubing extend the range beyond that.  Add on 9-volt timers and the system takes care of itself!

  Premium Potting Soil WATERWISE™ for Home Gardeners