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Proven Accents®

Help consumers accentuate their Proven Winners® varieties with the unique textures and colorful foliage of Proven Accents®, which are grown primarily for their vibrant leaves.

With the new Proven Accents program, growers and retailers can leverage the power of the Proven Winners’ brand by selling these accent plants in 3.5” branded containers for higher profits.

Plus, growers may take advantage of tip cuttings when they follow the guidelines of the Tip Cutting Program.

Tip Cutting Program

Growers can take up to two cuttings (2:1 ratio) once they have notified Four Star of their intention to participate in the Tip Cutting Program. Branded containers and tags are required to participate. The RMTC fee will be applied in increments of 104 cuttings. Grande™ branded containers for the total quantity of original liners and additional tip cuttings will be shipped unless another container size is requested.

Sprengeri Asparagus, Pegasus® Begonia, Spikes Dracaena and Charmed® Wine Oxalis are not available in the Tip Cutting Program.