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Proven Accents®

Help consumers accentuate their Proven Winners® varieties with the unique textures and colorful foliage of Proven Accents®, which are grown primarily for their vibrant leaves.

With the Proven Accents program, growers and retailers can leverage the power of the Proven Winners’ brand by selling these accent plants in 3.5” branded containers for higher profits.

Plus, growers have buying flexibility with rooted, unrooted, seed and tip cutting options.

Options for growing Proven Accents plants

Growers have several options to suit their circumstances and growing practices:

1. Rooted liners from Four Star, with Tip Cutting option
All 36 varieties of the Proven Accents program are available for purchase as rooted liners from Four Star. The branded container is optional. Growers who buy rooted liners from Four Star then have the option to begin tip cutting on appropriate varieties by paying a program fee and using branded containers. Purchases must be in increments of 104.

2. URCs from Four Star, with Tip Cutting option
Growers can purchase 21 varieties of Proven Accents plants as URCs from Four Star, must use branded containers and must buy in increments of 104. They then have the option for tip cutting on appropriate varieties, also using branded containers and in 104 increments. 

3. URCs, with Tip Cutting option
The remaining 15 varieties in the Proven Accents line are available on the open market from outside suppliers. Growers must use branded containers and tags from Four Star and buy in increments of 104. They can also opt into the tip cutting program on appropriate varieties.

Depending on where a grower buys the plants, there may be minimum purchase requirements.  A few of the varieties are not suited for propagation from tip cutting.

To learn about Tip Cutting options, click here.