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Proven Profits January 2012

Proven Profits

January 2012

Proven Profits from Four Star

To Brand or Not to Brand

Selling name-brand plants can be a game-changer for many retailers.  Find out if they’re an ideal fit for your operation.

By Curt Varsogea, Sales Manager

We live in a world of brand-name goods, and many retailers have found great success selling them. Think about it — have you ever shopped for a specific brand-name item, like appliances, cars, cereal, clothing?  We all have!

Leading companies invest millions in marketing, advertising, and merchandising – to drive awareness and demand.  And retailers know those dollars help build value in the eyes of potential customers – value that justifies premium prices.  Retailers also like the fact that they can receive higher profit margins when they sell name-brand products.

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Best Practices

The Science Behind Better, Faster Flowering Plants

Learn how to manage faster turns and provide eye-catching color for your retail customers by taking advantage of the Supernova® liners system.

By Dennis Crum, Head Grower

Shorter growing times and consistently flowering crops don't happen on their own. Around 12 years ago, Four Star worked with our friends at Michigan State University to develop a treatment that starts plants at the same time, to give high quality, consistently flowering crops in approximately 5 weeks. We call this system Supernova® liners.

When we developed the Supernova® system, we identified the genera which needed a special treatment to produce finished crops of desired size, full color, and shorter crop time than standard liners. Many of these are very popular varieties like Superbells® and Supertunias®.

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Tray Size Matters!

Four Star has shown that the 84-count liner tray supplies the best mix of plant quality and crop timing in most applications. Smaller plugs are less expensive but can cost money in the long run.
84-Count Tray
Historically, the industry has been moving to develop larger plug sizes because they help improve timing, speed up crop turns and provide more hardy plants to grow. One example is the Supernova® liner for certain crops. Another is the popular 84-count tray.

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Proven Winners
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