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Proven Profits May 2012

Proven Profits

May 2012  

Supertunia Pretty Much Picasso

What It Takes To Be A PROVEN WINNERS® Plant

Trialing is only part of the equation for a plant to become a PROVEN WINNERS®. Learn what the trial managers look for when searching for the best of the best.

By Betsy Kollman, Trial Manager, Four Star Greenhouse Inc.

What makes a plant a PROVEN WINNERS®? The three trial managers from the partner companies in Proven Winners have specific criteria ensuring the plants that bear the Proven Winners logo are successful throughout the entire country.

It all starts at the breeder level, and we work with a vast network of breeders to find plants that are really unique showstoppers and also improvements on existing varieties — ours and others on the market. It can be up to a year or more from the time I select a plant from a breeder location to the time I see it in my trials.  There’s a lot of time and effort that goes into it before plants even arrive in my trials. We accept plants from small hobby breeders up to and including large breeding or production facilities.

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Best Practices

Making The Most Of A Visit To Four Star

Be our guest and join us for our upcoming 2012-2013 Plants & Programs Open House,
May 29 – 31.

By Shanna Clark, Marketing Development & Events Coordinator

retailThe Plants & Programs Open House is a longstanding event here at Four Star and we welcome growers from across the country to join us for the day. This year is particularly special for us as we are proud to help PROVEN WINNERS® celebrate their 20th anniversary! If you were unable to attend California Spring Trials in late March this is a great opportunity to see and hear everything new from PROVEN WINNERS® and Four Star.

Growers can learn about new programs and any upcoming changes, as well as see new variety introductions and provide feedback on plants and services. The best part is we can tailor a visit specifically to your needs. We make every effort to give our customers a personal experience at Four Star and have our grower and customer service staff standing by to help you.

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Combinations Made Easy!

The PROVEN WINNERS® 30 Second Planter™ program is the ultimate in easy gardening, which makes it a no-brainer for growers and retailers. Combinations in the program are hand-picked out of hundreds of upright and basket combinations that have already undergone rigorous trialing and flourish in the display gardens here at our Four Star Greenhouse in Carleton, MI.
84-Count Tray
The concept is simple. Consumers purchase the finished combination, pop the bottom off of the fiber container and drop it into a suitable pot filled with media.

This 30 Second Planter is no longer offered.

Proven Winners
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