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Impatiens Alternatives Offer Advantages

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Impatiens Alternatives Offer Advantages

Because many consumers are not aware of the problem of Downy Mildew on Impatiens walleriana, we will continue to produce these plants under a strict regime of cultural and preventative practices.

Popular substitutes for Impatiens create exciting plantings, such as bed of Big™ Begonias and Diamond Frost® Euphorbia.
This bright planting of Catalina® Pink Torenia and Dolce® Key Lime Pie Heuchera offers a bright, attractive shot of color near an entrance.

But many other homeowners and landscape professionals will be looking for alternative bedding plants for shade gardens that offer outstanding performance. These alternatives offer a couple of advantages: new varieties, colors and growth habits for landscapes, and higher potential retail prices. Here are some of our recommendations in annuals, perennials and shrubs:

  1. Begonia — Big™, Dragon Wing®, Gryphon, Nonstop®
  2. Euphorbia — Diamond Frost®
  3. Ipomoea — Sweet Caroline & Illusion®
  4. Lobelia — Laguna™ & Lucia®
  5. New Guinea Impatiens — Infinity®
  6. Pansy & Viola
  7. Salvia — Blue Frost & Evolution
  8. Torenia — Catalina® & Summer Wave®
  9. Vinca vine

Other recommended plants:

  1. Coleus — Colorblaze®
  2. Heuchera — Dolce®
  3. Oxalis — Charmed®
  4. Proven Winners® Hosta, Ligularia, Hydrangea, and Azaleas
  5. Proven Selections® Fuchsia

For more information about culture, marketing, planting and maintaining these varieties, contact us at or 734-654-6420.

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