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Gardeners are Inspired by … ColorBlaze Marooned Coleus

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Gardeners are Inspired by … ColorBlaze® Marooned™ Coleus

Editor's note: In this new column, we've invited real-life gardeners to share their thoughts after trialing Proven Winners® plants in their gardens. Look for increased demand for the plants covered in this column in this and future editions, as they have shown outstanding performance qualities and will be popular with both master and casual gardeners. 

This is how my Colorblaze® Marooned™ looked in October, after a hot, dry summer.

By Kylee Baumle

When Solenostemon scutellarioides ColorBlaze® Marooned™ arrived on my front porch last spring, my first thought was, "Okay, it's a Coleus, and not a terribly exciting one." I planted it up in a large antique metal bowl along with some Osteospermums and put it out by the pool. Little did I know that we'd have one of the most brutal summers I can remember.

I live in northwestern Ohio (Zone 5b), and in 2012, we had weeks of hot, dry weather. But that Marooned was a trouper — and in full sun! Not only did it survive, it thrived beyond belief. It crowded out two of the three Osteospermums and looked more fabulous in that container than I ever dreamed possible. This was no ordinary Coleus.

I'm looking forward to growing it again this year, when I plan to use it in several places — in containers and in the garden, in full sun and part shade. Even if we have a repeat of last summer — and I pray we don't — I know this is one reliable plant that can take it and look fabulous.

About the author: Kylee Baumle writes and photographs for her popular garden blog, She also writes for several gardening publications, and has been a guest host on #gardenchat on Twitter. In addition, Kylee has appeared on America's Web Radio show, America's Homegrown Veggies; and the web TV show, Garden World Report. Her first book, Indoor Plant Décor: The Design Stylebook for Houseplants (St. Lynn's Press) will be released in April 2013.

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