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Choose the Right Size Liner for Small Containers

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Choose the Right Size Liner for Small Containers

There’s a perfect size for each of your small container needs.

With so many different liner sizes available, finding the right liner for each of your needs can be overwhelming.  However, the selection process doesn’t have to be complicated.  Our Product Line Managers recommend asking yourself three simple questions to narrow down the field and find which option is best for you.

Question 1: Is the liner available as a Supernova® liner?

We always recommend and use Supernova liners for small container production, when available. A selection of our plants benefit from the exclusive Supernova treatment process that is responsible for bud-initiation and increased branching.

This process produces a liner that is designed for small container production (4” up to gallons).  The Supernova process uses long day high-pressure sodium lighting, pinching and growth regulating as needed to build the body of the plant, and other processes to produce consistent flowering in a shorter crop time. 

Our growing experience over the past 12 years with Supernovas has shown that it takes around four to five weeks for nearly all varieties to  finish in a 4.25 Grande™ container, in our Michigan growing conditions. This is a significant reduction in crop time and labor for growers.



Question 2: Will a Standard liner finish in time for my needs?

For many varieties, the Supernova process is not needed. These liners will naturally flower and branch on their own without additional treatments.  When Supernova liners are not available for a specific variety, we recommend and use standard liners for all our garden ready crops throughout the year.  The average crop time for a 4.25 Grande from a standard liner varies by variety, but the average is five to seven weeks in our Michigan growing conditions.




Question 3.  Is there a larger size available for my larger containers (6”+)?

When planning a crop of larger containers (6”+), keep in mind that it’s still possible to have a quick-turn crop with the right liner.  Supernova 28 liners have all the benefits of a Supernova 42, with the added bonus of a larger, 28-cell size.  This allows growers to produce crops like the 1.0 GL Royale™ in as little as four to five weeks.  Quick turns in production allow growers to maximize their profitability, and put more crops through their greenhouse during peak weeks. 

By considering these factors, growers can select the right liner to meet their production needs and crop time goals. 

For more information about Four Star liner sizes and how to incorporate Supernova liners into your production, call 734.654.6420 or


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