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Proven Profits January 2014

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Proven Profits

A Look at the Year Ahead ...

Three Changes to Watch in 2014

Change keeps coming and it pays to be aware of key trends that will change the way we do business.

By Tom Smith, President of Four Star Greenhouse

Several years after the Recession of 2008, we're still seeing fallout, but at the same time, we're also seeing great opportunities for growers and retailers. Businesses that are able to adapt and act on these trends will be able to have stronger relationships with customers, higher profit margins and a better long-term position than those who don’t change with the times.

Here are some trends I see for the year ahead.

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Are You Ready for these Trends?

Be ready to give the customers what they want to ensure success in the New Year.

By Marshall Dirks, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Proven Winners

Our industry keeps changing and so do the customers. The business manager who studies trends and adapts to them will have greater advantages in the future. Here are a few trends I see affecting the industry in 2014 and beyonds.

1. Consumers want to see more accountability & responsibility in companies -- so be what you say you are.

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Your Top FAQs Answered

By Dennis Crum, Director of Growing Operations

Q: What's one crop I should definitely be growing?

A: When I'm talking with growers, sooner or later we end up discussing their production mix, and I always ask to see if they’re growing one of my favorite crops, Sunsatia® Nemesia. If you haven’t tried this collection in the last few years, it deserves another chance. For the 2010/2011 season, Proven Winners® improved the genetics for Sunsatia Lemon, Cranberry and Coconut, and these improved varieties have noticeably better performance from start to finish. Growers will see this collection flower up early in the season and flower up heavy in combinations and containers. The improved Sunsatias also are more forgiving in the greenhouse, with much better heat and moisture tolerance.

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Selecting the Right
Water-Soluble Fertilizer

By Bill Argo, Ph.D., Blackmore Co.

There are two primary goals to keep in mind when selecting a water-soluble fertilizer for your facility:

1. Maintaining the growing media pH within an acceptable range, and

2. Supplying your plants with a sufficient amount of essential nutrients for good growth and flowering.

The "best" fertilizer to use on your plants is the one that not only supplies nutrients, but also complements the alkalinity and nutrient content of your irrigation water.

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