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Proven Profits, April 2014

Proven Profits

Proven Profits

color chartColor Trends Heat Up Sales

Use color wisely to inspire customers and boost revenues.

In a highly visual industry like ours, color is everything. Keeping up with color trends can help growers and retailers inspire consumers and in turn, increase profits.

Pantone, considered by many to be the authority on color, names an annual “color of the year,” that drives product development in just about every industry, from fashion to product packaging. This year’s color, “radiant orchid,” is a joyful, purplish-pink, which Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, says is a captivating, charming purple that “inspires confidence and emanates great joy, love and health.”

How to Forecast Color Trends

So what influences color trends? While there’s no one driver that determines the “in” colors, one factor does have a tremendous influence: the economy.

Maryann Cole, owner of design firm Marigold Design, serves on the board for the Color Marketing Group, which includes experts from numerous industries across the globe who gather to forecast color trends. “Color trends are driven by what is happening in the economy,” Cole says. Read More



Five Ways to Get Your Garden Center Noticed

Is your garden center “invisible?” Smart marketing doesn’t have to cost a lot. Be focused and use your resources wisely.

By Judy Sharpton, Garden Center Consultant

Over the past 15 years of speaking to audiences of garden center staff and owners, one of the anecdotes that always results in knowing smiles and perhaps a pointed elbow to an owner’s ribs goes something like this. “If you’ve ever had a customer visit your store and say ‘I’ve been driving past here for years and I never knew you were here,’ then you must slap yourself.”

That customer comment means the store has become invisible.

Read More


Inspire Higher Sales with Smart End Caps

The space at the end of your aisles is prime real estate. Create effective end cap displays that inspire shoppers and influence impulse buys.

As a garden retailer, you know that merchandising matters, so you spend hours creating the perfect bench displays. But if you’re neglecting the ends of your aisles, you could be missing out on a tremendous sales-driving opportunity: the end cap.

“End caps are valuable real estate in the garden center,” says Dr. Bridget Behe, Professor of Horticultural Marketing at Michigan State University. “They are highly conspicuous and great for grabbing attention.”

Read More

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