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Proven Profits, July 2014

Proven Profits

The Endless Search for Winning Plants

Every year, Proven Winners® trial managers evaluate thousands of plants — yet only a select few make the cut. Learn how they find the best.

Read MoreWe asked Kevin Hurd, Proven Winners Director of New Products, to walk us through the very tough selection process for Proven Winners plants. It’s a complex process, and it doesn’t happen overnight.

Proven Profits: Where do you find plants for Proven Winners trials?

Kevin Hurd: We have many long-standing relationships with breeders, large and small, and they often bring us new ideas. That’s how Diamond Frost® Euphorbia and Snow Princess® Lobularia were discovered.”

We visit a lot of breeders, see what they’re trialing and seek varieties that we would like to see improved or faults we would like to correct. We have our own ‘genetic roadmap’ of improvements we would like to see. An example of this is Senorita Rosalita® Cleome, developed without thorns.

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The Bright Side of Shade

Read MoreThe void left by seed Impatiens is quickly filling with new varieties, and plant marketers are even looking at some popular sun-loving standbys in a whole new light.

Since the Impatiens walleriana Downy Mildew plight began a couple of years ago, growers, retailers and consumers have been looking for the next big shade plant – something that would provide the season-long color of Impatiens without the disease issues. What we’ve discovered is that there is no one “next big thing” for shade. Instead, there’s a plethora of varieties – flowering, foliage and shrub – that thrive in shade and provide vibrant pops of color in the landscape.

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Capture Extra Sales in Fall

Read MoreBy catering to customers’ seasonal color preferences and creating inspired combinations, you can easily extend your selling season and grow more sales.

By Kerry Meyer, Project Director, Proven Winners®

Any business worth its business plan is concerned with expanding sales. For industries like ours that are heavily impacted by seasonal sales, expanding the sales window — and the season — is one certain way to increase sales. These “shoulder-season” sales will be dependent on increasing traffic in the garden center and offering products that work well. We know that what our customers care about most is color — everything else is secondary to that concern.

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Variety Focus

Bahama Beach — The New National Combination

Read MoreEnjoy the beach with Proven Winners® new National Combination for 2015 — Bahama Beach. This combination includes three very popular and stunning varieties: Supertunia® Bordeaux Petunia; Superbells® Lemon Slice Calibrachoa; and Laguna™ Sky Blue Lobelia. While each plant is a standout on its own, they are especially striking and compatible together in this combination. It is available in both Streamliner™ Multi-Liners™ and Bundled combinations. Learn more here.

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Streamlined Shipping = Extra Day to Order

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Efficiency has its rewards.  We’ve updated our shipping line for increased accuracy and speed, which gives customers an extra day to order.  See how this line speeds ordering — watch the new video.

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