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Get Big Impact with Caladiums


Caladium have striking color and impact in the garden and containers, plus both shade and sun tolerance.  Growing them is a simple process, as long as you can keep them warm! This is Artful™ Fire and Ice™.

Two new Proven Winners® Caladium plants are making waves with growers and consumers — Artful™ Fire and Ice™ and Heartfire™.  These large, showy accent plants love full shade, with the added bonus of also being tolerant of full sun!  They are ideal for mixing in landscape beds and combinations for stunning color and versatility.

Since they are tubers, Caladium are not hard to grow but need to have plenty of heat to thrive.  Here are some tips from our grower team:

1. Don’t bury the tubers.  Plant with the tuber hairs facing up (they are not roots but look like them), and then with only a light covering of soil.  Water in and then let them start to emerge before more watering.  Some growers plant in gallon or 8-inch pots, stack those under the bench and keep them there until the shoots start to emerge. Then they put on the bench. 

2.  These Caladium do not need much fertilization.  One application of 200 parts is good once plants start to spike, and possibly a second application three weeks later should be enough. Growth regulators should not be needed either.

3.  Caladium like it hot, hot, hot!  That means temperatures in the growing environment should never drop below 60° F (night or day).  Grow them in the warmed area of the greenhouse.

4.  If you can warm water temperature to room temperature, all the better. Cool water is ok, but each application will shock them slightly. Take this into account in your timing.

5.  DO NOT put Caladium on constant liquid feeding. This can cause toxicity, browning and a windowing effect.

6.  Expect a crop time of 8 — 10 weeks if growing from January through April; and 5 — 6 weeks if growing from May through July. 

For more information about Artful Caladium, contact us at 734-654-6420 or


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