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Proven Profits, January 2015

Proven Profits

A Look at the Year Ahead ...

Four Trends to Watch in 2015

Tom SmithOur industry is always changing, and it pays to anticipate trends that will affect your business. There are four trends I believe will have a major impact on our industry this year.

By Tom Smith, President of Four Star Greenhouse

Last year's weather created the "perfect storm" for our industry, in a positive way. Most of the country experienced a long, hard winter and a late spring - leading to a consumer feeding frenzy. We can't order up that weather for this year, but we can take advantage of several trends to grow business and increase profitability.

1. Make it easy for your customers ...

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The Value of Trendwatching

Marshall DirksToday's trends show us how to get started now to redefine great customer service for 2015 and beyond.

By Marshall Dirks, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Proven Winners

Every year, top marketing organizations report the trends they see, and while many of those are proved wrong, many also are proved right.

I regularly track general marketing trends for our industry, and can say that it’s surprising how many of these forecasts really do pinpoint changes in the way our industry operates and how consumers view our products. Anyone who sells in this industry needs to understand what trends the experts see ahead, and how they will affect the industry.

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Anytime™ Pansiola
Loves Summer

Anytime Pansiola
Anytime Pansiola expands the season by offering great heat tolerance in sun or shade.

Established thinking says pansies are best for spring or fall, but the new Anytime™ series of Pansiola from Proven Winners® goes full-steam through summer. According to Four Star Trial Manager Betsy Kollman Bresky, this variety was specifically bred for summer performance. "The Proven Winners trialing team wanted something that would last beyond the spring season. They were planted in the spring with the Supertunia® trials. We grew and trialed these throughout the summer because we were interested in their heat tolerance and overall summer performance. We held off making any decisions on them until August. Throughout the summer and especially in August we were impressed with their performance."

Unlike a traditional pansy that needs to be replaced, Anytime is a vigorous spreader that fills out combinations or works as a high-impact groundcover, throughout the season. Four unique colors are available: Dove, Quartz, Sugarplum and Sunlight.



Place Tags for the
Best Retail Impact

Bubble Gum
When tags are properly locked in place, they "pop" at retail and help shoppers find the plants they seek.

Learn how easy it is to lock tags in place in Proven Winners® branded containers, and ensure they align correctly for maximum impact at retail. These big, visible tags present a professional appearance on the bench and make it easy for customers to find the plants and information they seek. Check out the video here.

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