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New Greenhouse Goes High-Tech

High-tech Greenhouse
The new growing area has several advanced systems, which are currently helping us grow perennials and shrubs.

The latest expansion of our growing space went online this past autumn, incorporating some amazing technologies to enhance growing. The new 76,000-square-foot greenhouse, which currently houses an expanded line of perennials and ColorChoice® shrubs as a result of grower and consumer interest, is also designed for flexibility in the future.

According to Dan Foster, Site Manager-Product Line Manager, the house has several advanced systems that make growing more manageable, and his life just a bit easier:

  • Automated, rotating hanging basket irrigation systems spaced at least 50 in. apart to limit impact on crops below
  • Two-stage irrigation water filtration system using screen filters to catch large debris and paper filters for finer particles
  • Irrigation booms designed for special feeding
  • Two separate heating zones using forced air heat
  • Advanced programmable environmental controls
  • Skyline house design where every roof opens up, allowing cooler growing through the summer.
  • Roll-up wall separating the east and west side of the greenhouse. This wall raises or lowers, depending on the growers' needs.
  • Cascade flood floor system that acts like a constant waterfall when operating, spreading water across the floor section to drain holes on the other end.
Cascade flood floor system
1: The cascade flood floor system looks like small fountains as water bubbles into the growing floor. 2: Water then moves across the growing floor to the other end, irrigating all plants in the section. 3: The system assures that the perennials and shrubs growing get ample water.

The greenhouse is currently kept cold (38 — 40°) for the perennials and shrubs, but Foster said the heat will be turned up approximately Week 12 to 14.

While growers do not need high-tech systems in place to grow perennials and shrubs successfully, Four Star has incorporated them to ensure the long-term usability of the facility for all of its product lines.

Learn more about growing these crops by contacting Dan Foster at 734-654-6420 or

Water filtration
The two-stage water filtration system maximizes irrigation water quality.
Roll-down wall
The roll-up/roll-down wall divides growing areas into distinct zones, allowing more flexibility.

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