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Combinations — the Easy Way

The popular Bundled Combinations program has expanded this year and now includes 235+ different combinations! Find out how this simplifies your ordering and growing.

Bahama Beach
Bahama Beach is the Proven Winners® 2015 National Combination and works well as both a hanging basket and upright combination.

Managing plant tags can be a challenge when you grow combinations.

"That's why Four Star expanded the Bundled Combination Kit program," says Curt Varsogea, Sales Manager. "We realized that many growers don't want stake tags if they're growing combinations."

Combinations in a kit

The old hanging basket combination process involved ordering plants with stake tags, in addition to a separate order with combination-specific tags. Tag Exchange was also an option to eliminate tag waste. With Four Star's expanded Bundled Combination Kits (designed for hanging baskets using six plants), the grower's ordering and production processes are simplified dramatically.

Growers and brokers can easily order Bundled Combination kits for any of the 239 available combinations. Each kit will ship with everything they need for successful combination production: Three trays of Standard 84 plants and 42 combination-specific tags.

Varsogea explains, "For example, if you order the Proven Winners® 2015 National Combination Bahama Beach, each kit will include:

  • One tray of 84 Superbells® Lemon Slice Calibrachoa
  • One tray of 84 Laguna™ Sky Blue Lobelia
  • One tray of 84 Supertunia® Bordeaux™ Petunia
  • 42 Bahama Beach combination tags

Popular combinations nationwide

"Many of the new Bundled Combination kits are Proven Winners combinations, and many are developed and trialed right here at Four Star," notes Varsogea. "Growers in Washington State may grow different plants than those in Florida. By offering so many Proven Winners combinations, as well as Four Star's best sellers, we have the best selection for every location — in kit form!"

Icing on the Cake
Icing on the Cake:
• SUPERTUNIA® Mini Silver
• INTENSIA® Cabernet
Brilliant Idea
Brilliant Idea:
• SUPERBELLS® Cherry Star
• SUPERBELLS® Sweet Tart

Four Star combinations are created using the vigor index as a guide to select plants with similar growing rates. They are trialed to ensure beauty and garden performance before they make the cut. All combinations include either Proven Winners or Proven Selections® varieties.

"The program really couldn't be easier," Varsogea adds. "Growers get the tags with the plants. The trays are labeled with the variety and combination name on them. Our program really simplifies combination growing."

Want to know more about Bundled Combination kits? Visit, email or call 734-654-6420.

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