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Variety Focus: Superbells® Frostfire Stands Ou

SUPERBELLS® Frostfire unique colors make both monoculture and combinations plantings outstanding.

We spoke with Four Star Director of Growing Operations Dennis Crum about growing the new Superbells® variety – Frostfire. This unusual but beautiful plant made its debut this season and he predicts it will be a great addition to a growers' mix because of its ease of growing and attractive looks.

"Frostfire finishes nice in a Grande™ container from a 42 liner and has shown moderate vigor, good shape and form, thick and full growth, and heavy flower coverage," Crum explains. "It has smaller leaves but grows well."

As with most Calibrachoa, Frostfire does best when it can avoid wet, cool, low light conditions. Overall, it's a great plant to grow, he says. "I haven't seen any production problems with it, and haven't heard of any problems either."

"But what makes this plant especially nice is that it is a different looking plant that stands out as a 10-in. hanging basket or in combinations. The color is really great – kind of a creamy white with yellow and red showing. This stands out well in combinations because it isn't a brighter white or a soft yellow, but has this mix of colors. It looks really good in combinations using blues, reds and pinks," he adds.

Have a question about Superbells® Frostfire? Contact us for more information at 734-654-6420, or visit

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