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Benchrun Collections Make Growing Easy

Bahama Beach
Curt Varsogea,
Sales Manager

Simplify your growing operations with plants from a Benchrun Collection.

“Four Star’s Benchrun Collections are not designed just for large growers, but are equally as valuable for medium to small growers,” says Curt Varsogea, Sales Manager. “They work really well for growers who don’t have the luxury of extra space or can’t afford to make a mistake.”

Two Collections – Cool & Warm

What are the Benchrun Collections? Four Star’s grower team has put together two collections of varieties for 2016 (Cool and Warm plants) with similar growing requirements that will give growers these advantages:

  • Shared rooting out and growing on temperatures, water requirements, plant growth regulator rates, and growing times
  • Mix of colors and top-selling annual varieties (Proven Winners® and Proven Selections®)
  • Save space, time, labor and inputs
  • Make it easier and more efficient to grow together.

Growers can select the varieties they want and be assured that the plants will be easier and more efficient to grow together.

Icing on the Cake
Warm-growing varieties such as Solenostemon (Coleus), Ipomoea and Euphorbia are among the plants selected for the Warm Benchrun Collection.
Bahama Beach
Popular varieties in the Benchrun Collections, such as Supertunia® Vista Bubblegum® and Royal Velvet Petunia share common culture requirements.

The Cool Collection for 2016 includes a mix of 30 different bestselling varieties, including Butterfly Argyranthemum, Superbells® Calibrachoa, Laguna™ Lobelia, White Knight® Lobularia, Sunsatia® Nemesia, Supertunia® and Surfinia® Petunia and Superbena® Verbena.

The Warm Collection features 24 different varieties of Angelface® Angelonia, Pequeña Rosalita™ Cleome, Vermillionaire™ Cuphea, Diamond® Euphorbia, Ipomoea, Pink Wonder™ and Whirlwind® Scaevola, Lemon Coral™ Sedum, Solenostemon/Coleus, Snowstorm® Sutera/Bacopa and Catalina® Torenia. These plants share warmer growing temperatures and other cultural requirements.

Putting it together

“This is a Four Star resource we’ve put together for growers,” explains Varsogea. “It gives them another opportunity to grow successfully. We understand that there are always fluctuations in production, but by growing these plants together, growers have an advantage.”

Click here to see the new 2016 Benchrun Collections, or contact the Four Star Grower Team at 734-654-6420 or

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