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Proven Profits, March 2016

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Proven Profits
March 2016

Retail Trends: Reach Young Customers

Retail Trends

Retail sales drive the industry, so it’s important to understand ways to continue that growth with younger buyers. We spoke with two innovative young retailers about how they relate to their customers.

Growers and retailers are well aware of the need to create gardeners of the future. Experts tell us younger generations have their own priorities and interests, and that the horticulture industry must adapt and follow the trends. Two retailers share how they are succeeding.

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4 Container Trends for 2016

Container Trends

What will consumers want to buy at retail garden centers this year? We know there are plants and combinations that will always be popular, but shoppers are also looking for something new. We think these four trends are important for growers and retailers to know.

1. Pollinator Attracting Plants

Pollinators, especially bees, have been in the news a lot lately. This has caused a surge of interest from gardeners wanting to make their gardens (including container gardens) more friendly to pollinators of all kinds. Most of the buzz has been about bees (sorry for the pun!). Butterflies and birds -- which for most people means hummingbirds -- have always been popular with gardeners. They have better PR than bees, colorful wings and fascinating habits that are naturally appealing.

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Video: New Growing Space at Four Star

We’re expanding our growing spaces as part of our commitment to offering a wider selection of perennials and shrubs! Watch the latest new growing areas in the "Four Star Update" video.

Video: New Growing Space at Four Star

It only takes a minute to see the new hoop house under construction, 35,000 sq. ft. of outdoor growing space for Proven Winners® perennials and ColorChoice® shrubs, and the 1.7-acre high-tech greenhouse that was completed for fall of 2014. These new growing areas are helping us expand -- carrying 61 perennials and 124 shrubs in 2016.

Four Star is the No. 1 Supplier of Proven Winners

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