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Save Money with Self Propagation


Take advantage of Four Star’s Self Propagation program to save money and gain serious Key Account benefits. As Curt Varsogea, sales manager, explains, “Many growers who already grow the popular varieties in this program can immediately qualify for Key Account status, which gives them savings in plant pricing and shipping costs, as well as all the other advantages of Key Account status.”

Varsogea detailed key elements of the program:

1. Grower purchases qualify for Key Account statuseven those purchased through an outside supplier. For instance, a purchase of Proven Winners® Boldly™ or Timeless™ Pelargonium (available from other suppliers as Calliope™ and Caliente®) allows growers to build volume with both their supplier and with Four Star.

2. Modest program fees are offset by self propagation program savings. Growers then benefit from Proven Winners investment in consumer marketing programs – from print to billboard to radio. By purchasing just 3,500 containers, growers in certain markets may qualify for free radio advertising. Retailers who participate in Proven Winners branded containers and retail certification programs receive priority listings on Proven Winners’ website – visited by more than 12,000 consumers/day.

3. Purchases contribute to a grower’s total volume — for significant savings on shipping. For example, an order of less than 10 boxes in Region 2 could cost a grower approximately $6.00/tray, but by using self propagation purchases to qualify for Bronze Key Account status, growers receive single tray pricing, which would then cost only $3.99/tray.

4. Participants receive reduced pricing on plants as a Key Account. As growers purchase more volume, they receive higher plant price discounts. All discounts for growers who achieve Key Account status with orders this year will continue throughout the 2017 season.

5. All Proven Selections® purchased from Four Star qualify under this program. Many popular varieties, such as Dragon Wing® Begonia, make it easy for growers to take advantage of this program.

Anytime Dove 4.25 Grande
Anytime® Dove 4.25 Grande™
Ruffles Fuchsia Rose 4.25 Grande
Ruffles™ Fuchsia Rose 4.25 Grande™

Purchase from an Outside Supplier

You may already be growing these popular varieties listed below. Qualify for Self-Propagation by purchasing seed, rooted liners or unrooted cuttings (URCs) of these varieties from an outside supplier:

  • Surefire® Begonia
  • Anytime® Pansiola
  • Boldly™ Pelargonium
  • Timeless™ Pelargonium
  • Any Proven Selections® offered by Four Star

* Program fees include marketing fees, tag fee and self-propagation fee. Branded container and tray costs are not included in the program fee.

Purchase Directly from Four Star

Growers can also qualify by purchasing a minimum of only 2,000 URCs directly from Four Star and pay no program fees:

  • Sweet Caroline Ipomoea
  • Illusion® Ipomoea
  • Infinity® New Guinea Impatiens
  • Ruffles™ New Guinea Impatiens
  • Mojave® Portulaca (except Mix)

* 4.25 Grande™ branded containers automatically ship with all unrooted orders unless a different size container is requested.

Learn how Self Propagation can positively impact your operations by contacting us at 734-654-6420 or

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