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Proven Profits, August 2017

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Proven Profits
August 2017

2018 AnnualsExciting New
Annuals for 2018

In a multi-year trialing process, Proven Winners® starts thousands of potential new introductions into testing. The outstanding new varieties and improvements for 2018 have been chosen because they offer home gardeners the exceptional beauty and reliability they expect from Proven Winners plants.

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Planting CombinationsHow to Plant Bestselling Combinations

Combination plantings are more popular than ever. They’re a win-win for home gardeners — offering instant beauty and color in a take-home package. But how do growers create the combinations customers love, and produce them as efficiently as possible?

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Bundled Kits Make Combinations Easy

Bundled Kits

Why do all the work of creating combinations yourself? Bundled Combination Kits offer you the choice of nearly 300 grower-tested recipes in an easy-to-order kit. These recipes include a wide variety of beautiful color mixes, textures and shapes that appeal to consumers.

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New 2018 Catalog is Here!

2018 catalogThe new Four Star 2018 Plants & Programs catalog is available now online!

See all the new Proven Winners® and Proven Selections® (including Senettis®) annuals, as well as the new perennial and shrub varieties that will debut next year.

The digital version makes it easy to find information about the innovative new 104 liner trays that allow more plugs per square foot, help save on shipping and encourage robust plants with the same finish time as our proven 84 liners.

The catalog also includes new Bundled Combination Kits for 2018, as well as special sections highlighting heat-tolerant and shade-loving varieties and combinations, cultural tips, and more!

Want a printed version? Contact us at 734-654-6420 or

Four Star is the No. 1 Supplier of Proven Winners

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