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Supernova® Liners: Quick turns plus on-time flowering

If you plant multiple turns, you want short crop times and consistent flowering.  Supernova® liners deliver these advantages, plus less pinching and fewer PGRs are needed!

Supernovas are treated to flower at the same time and come bud-initiated with multiple breaks, saving you time and labor, and giving you the ability to quickly turn crops consistently.  They also have better branching, plus larger and more developed root systems for quick, hardy growth.

Angelface® Angelonia at four weeks, from left to right:  Standard 84 liner, Supernova® 84 liner, Supernova® 42 liner.


Four Supernova sizes are available:

  • Supernova 42 — Fastest turns for 4.25 Grande™ to 1.0 GL Royale™. These are offered in varieties that benefit from the Supernova treatment. See Supernova varieties at this link.
  • Supernova 50 — Timed flowers for 4.25 Grande to 1.0 GL Royale for Infinity® and Ruffles™ New Guinea Impatiens and SunPatiens® Impatiens.
  • Supernova 84 — Fast turns for 4.25 Grande to 1.0 GL Royale. Balanced shipping costs with improved performance for most popular varieties.
  • Supernova 28 Thriller™ — Ideal for thrillers/center features of combinations or larger branded container production like 1.0 GL. Larger root system gives a jump-start to keep up with multiple plugs in combinations.  Offered in varieties with the potential to be outgrown in combinations.
Comparison of Infinity® New Guinea Impatiens Standard 84 liner and Supernova® 50 liner at six weeks.


To learn how you can benefit from growing Supernova liners, visit our website at this link or contact us at 734-654-6420 or