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Proven Profits, March 2018

Proven Profits
March 2018

4 Ways Proven Winners® Supports Growers

Tom and Sharon Smith

Proven Winners® continues its efforts to serve growers. Learn how its focus on improving existing best-selling varieties, building brand demand and sharing useful data on the plants consumers want helps you.

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Grower Support from Four Star

Useful Tools for Growers

Every year, the Four Star Grower Team produces millions of annuals, perennials and shrubs. We grow through from unrooted cuttings and seeds to finished plants for retail and landscape, using advanced growing techniques and innovative equipment and systems.

Our growers look forward to sharing this experience to help other growers succeed at the efficient production of healthy Proven Winners® and Proven Selections® plants. Accordingly, we've created several useful free tools growers can use in their own operations.

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Sharing our Experience

Dennis Crum

Dennis Crum, Director of Growing Operations, talks about the many grower support programs available from Four Star in this new video. Learn about Four Star's advanced growing equipment and techniques, plus the Four Star Culture Guides, Grouping Guides, Benchrun Collections and other services available free to growers.

Four Star is the No. 1 Supplier of Proven Winners

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