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Grower Support from Four Star

Every year, the Four Star Grower Team produces millions of annuals, perennials and shrubs. We grow through from unrooted cuttings and seeds to finished plants for retail and landscape, using advanced growing techniques and innovative equipment and systems. 

Our growers look forward to sharing this experience to help other growers succeed at the efficient production of healthy Proven Winners® and Proven Selections® plants. 

Icing on the Cake
Our use of advanced growing techniques and systems has given our growers experience they look forward to sharing with customers.

Accordingly, we’ve created several useful free tools growers can use in their own operations:

Icing on the Cake
Four Star offers detailed Culture Guides for the production of annuals, as well as perennials and shrubs.

Culture guides

New culture guides for Proven Winners annuals, perennials and shrubs are available online here.  These guides give detailed cultural notes of how we grow at Four Star by genera, plus the new 2018 Combination Recipe. The guides also include information on Four Star’s biological control program, fungicides and insecticides, water soluble fertilizers, and Supernova® liners.

Grouping guides for growing

Use this spreadsheet format to group plants together for maximum efficiency in production.  It lists plants by pH requirements and growing temperatures, and covers the use of fertilizer and soil needs. One grouping guide covers annuals and is found here, while the other groups perennials and shrubs, here.

Benchrun Collections

Two Benchrun Collections (one for cool crops and the other for warm crops) group 25 top-selling varieties of different colors into one collection. Each collection is selected to simplify crop production and make a grower’s job easier.  Plants in each collection share these characteristics:

Outdoor growing is one of the techniques we use to ensure hardy crops for market.  This is Campfire® Fireburst Improved Bidens.
Outdoor growing is one of the techniques we use to ensure hardy
crops for market.  This is Campfire® Fireburst Improved Bidens.
  • growing time
  • water requirements
  • PGR (plant growth regulator) rates
  • rooting out and growing on temperatures
  • top-selling, established varieties

Four Star’s Grower Team updates these lists each year for its grower customers. See both sheets here

See the new video

Dennis Crum, Director of Growing Operations explains several of our grower support efforts in this new video here

We’re ready to help. Just call!

Regional recommendations

Members of the Grower Team are happy to answer questions and offer recommendations for specific varieties based on a grower’s region and growing conditions.  Contact our growers directly for more ideas.


Have a particular question or problem and need help?  Please give our growers a call at 734-654-6420 or