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Unbeatable Begonias for Shade Gardens

Dallas Trials
Robin Bourdon, Site Manager and Product Line Manager.

It’s wonderful when experience, planning and preparation come together to produce something great, like this year’s Begonia crop. Gardeners who choose from our outstanding collection of premium Begonias will love their ability to thrive in the shade, with so many options of foliage, color, habit and beauty.

This year’s availability is the result of over 30 years of experience growing the best Begonias in the industry, as part of a sustained plan perfected by specialized growers. First, we selected hybrids from the premier breeders in the industry. Then, we created an ideal growing environment for the liners, with the perfect amount of light and heat. Our greenhouses have automated watering running 24/7, triggered by the environmental control system, to provide optimum moisture.

Robin Bourdon, Site Manager and Product Line Manager at Four Star, explains why customers will appreciate all the work. “These plants have a 12-week crop time and they need a lot of attention to detail.  I have to say that our growers have turned out outstanding Begonias this year.

Dragon Wing® Red is the top-selling Four Star Begonia, offering beauty and performance in containers and landscapes.
Gardeners love NONSTOP® Yellow for its beauty and performance in container plantings.
Santa Cruz
The white of this Bossa Nova® and its habit is ideal for hanging baskets and other containers. 


This makes for an exciting crop of Begonias available now: Bossa Nova®, Dragon Wing®, Funky®, Illumination®, Nonstop®, Pegasus®, San Francisco™ and Santa Cruz®, and Surefire® varieties.

Dallas Trials
SUREFIRE® Rose is a popular Begonia that is ideal for garden plantings and large containers.


Bourdon noted that Four Star’s production from seed to liner allows the company to control the plants from start to delivery to the customer.  “And those Begonias will arrive toned and strong,” she adds. 

Recently, Four Star has been incorporating a lot of Illumination, Funky and Santa Cruz into many hanging basket combinations.  She notes that Surefires are becoming more and more popular in landscapes because of their great performance and beauty. 

The trailing habit of ILLUMINATION® Begonias, like this Lemon, adds interest to monoculture and combination hanging baskets.
The large double flowers of this Funky® Pink will brighten up deeply shaded areas.
Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz® thrives in both sun or shade, adding a bright burst of color wherever it is. 

 This year’s top-selling Begonia varieties at Four Star are:

  • Dragon Wing® Red
  • Dragon Wing® Pink
  • Nonstop® Yellow 
  • Nonstop® Red 
  • Illumination® Apricot Shades
  • Nonstop® Orange
  • Nonstop® Deep Rose 
  • Surefire® Red 
  • Surefire® Rose
  • Nonstop® Joy Yellow

For availability of all Four Star Begonias right now, click here, or contact us at 734-654-6420 or