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The Power of the Package

We know that Proven Winners® branded packaging works harder. That's why all Proven Winners plants, including Annuals, will be part of the Complete Package program starting with the 2022 season.

Supertunia Bordeaux

Curt Varsogea, Vice President of Sales & Business Development, Four Star
Curt Varsogea, Vice President of Sales & Business Development, Four Star
Angie VanWashenova, Sales & Business Development Manager, Four Star 
Angie VanWashenova, Sales & Business Development Manager, Four Star

Brands Are Beautiful

There is something comforting about a brand you know and trust. The laundry detergent you depend on … the pizza that your family wants on Friday nights … the computer you can't work without. Great brands are about great products, familiar names and recognizable packaging. Together, these elements have you making a bee-line for just what you want at the store. Research shows that branded packaging makes products instantly recognizable and can increase sales. In fact, the most recognizable brands tend to be the top sellers in their category, whether it's coffee or cat food. So, what about garden products?

Garden centers and garden products are no different. Nearly all products available at garden centers are branded. Familiar colors and logos draw shoppers to everything from pruners to potting soil. It works the same way for live plants. Thanks to years of effort in consumer outreach to create and support plant brands, gardeners have learned to look for respected, recognized brand names on containers if they want great quality and proven genetics in the containers. And the top brand name in the category is Proven Winners®.

Proven Winners and Proven Packaging

Partial Black vs. Branded
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Greenhouse Flower Proven Winners Bubblegum

People know the Proven Winners brand, and they know the Proven Winners branded container.

"Brand recognition with the plants that have proven success in the garden are why consumers go looking for those plants sold in the signature white container," says Angie VanWashenova, Sales & Business Development Manager at Four Star. Offering plants in the Proven Winners signature branded container helps consumers easily identify plants as authentic Proven Winners, and makes them more confident in their buying decision. VanWashenova continues, "Customer after customer have told us they actively look for our white containers at retail, and that they will pay more for products they trust to make them more successful as gardeners."

"We know that the demand for Proven Winners exists, and we've made it easier for consumers to find and identify Proven Winners plants, with the Complete Package program," says Curt Varsogea, Vice President of Sales & Business Development at Four Star.

Proven Winners Retail

Proven Winners Is Growing the Complete Package Program

Growers and retailers using the Proven Winners branded container have seen the success of the Complete Package program. That's why beginning with the 2022 growing season, Proven Winners will be expanding it to include Proven Winners Annuals. Now all Proven Winners plants will be sold in the signature white container, or with a container style tag for combinations, making it easier than ever for shoppers to find the plants they are looking for.

Better Sell-Through for Higher Margins

Moreover, the expanded program helps growers and retailers realize benefits across all Proven Winners categories. Benefits like increased sell-through at higher prices, for higher margins.

"We believe the Complete Package is worth more," continues Varsogea. "We know it works. The plants in the branded containers typically sell faster, and at a higher price point. Retailers have the opportunity to charge more for Proven Winners plants in the white branded container."

And then there's the value of customer perception … Imagine the huge impact on shoppers when all of your Proven Winners plants on the bench are dressed in their well-known white containers. Even those who weren't necessarily looking for the brand will be impressed.

The Power of the Brand

By adding Proven Winners Annuals to the Complete Package program for the 2022 season, Proven Winners is making the power of the brand work harder for you than ever.

For years, all other Proven Winners plant programs have been sold exclusively in signature white containers, experiencing significant sales growth since being offered in branded packaging. These include ColorChoice® Shrubs, Heart to Heart® Caladiums, and others.

More than 50% of Proven Winners annuals today are already being sold in the branded container, and now you can look forward to the power of the brand working with all varieties.

"The addition of Proven Winners Annuals to the Complete Package will further drive consumer recognition and demand, while providing a consistent and distinctive display," says Varsogea. Now, consumers will be able to easily find the Proven Winners plants they see and hear so much about at their favorite garden center.

Great Things Come in the Complete Package

When you grow in the white branded container, there's a lot in it for you:

  • First, there's leading plant genetics that deliver season-long beauty and performance for gardeners across the country. There is nothing else like Proven Winners' trialing and testing process to consistently bring top-selling plants to the marketplace year after year. This alone has built tremendous brand loyalty.
  • As the most recognized plant brand, Proven Winners' packaging and merchandising materials have a retail presence that helps consumers easily find what they want in the garden center.
  • Billions of consumer impressions gained through millions of dollars invested in traditional and social media marketing to educate consumers and bring them into the garden center.
  • Grower and retailer support programs to make production and merchandising more successful.
  • A support team of growers and customer service reps dedicated to partnering with you to improve the success of the Proven Winners program.
  • The opportunity to increase profits and earn profit margins, both of which have been proven through the years by using the white branded container.

Try a Free Sample Box

We invite you to try a free sample box of Proven Winners branded containers and trays. Try out the 10 different styles of containers, including the new Eco+Grande™ on your racks, carts, benches and pot fillers. To request a free sample box, contact Sandy at Proven Winners at 815-895-1872 or email:

All Proven Winners annual liners scheduled for shipment on or after November 1, 2021 will be sold in the signature white branded container or with a Container Style tag. Your container orders can be booked through your brokers. The Four Star team is ready to answer any questions about the program and ordering specifics.

A Better Plant Deserves a Better Package

"We know you will be successful with the Complete Package. It makes it easy for consumers to shop and buy, and we're here to make it easy for you," says VanWashenova.

Varsogea agrees. "We feel a better plant deserves a better package. Let the power of the Proven Winners brand work fully for you!"

To determine which Complete Package option works best for your growing needs, click here or call us at 734-654-6420.

Many more details and FAQs about the Complete Package Program are available here or by calling your Four Star representative at 734-654-6420.