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Exceptional New Annuals for 2022 

The Proven Winners® Class of 2022 includes several new groundbreaking genera and exciting annuals that should attract both experienced and new gardeners.  See what all the excitement is about!  

The steep upswing in demand for plants in 2020 and 2021 has been a real plus for the industry, and the addition of several new genera and varieties to the Proven Winners annuals program will help more gardeners than ever be successful. 
"Only innovative products that create new markets will answer the runaway demand we're facing lately," says Josh Miller, New Product Development Manager at Four Star Greenhouse. "Offering increased options is necessary to attract the growing and diverse customer base we all hope to serve. Engage the next generation of green-thumbs with exciting new varieties." 

Two Exotic, Exciting Series 

Dave Konsoer, Director of Sales for Proven Winners, notes that two series in particular will engage home gardeners — Heart to Heart® Caladium and Be My™ Calla
Heart to Heart Caladium – "Consumers will love the expanded series with seven new Caladium varieties, and retailers will love their sell through," he says. "The bulbs are painted white on top for easier planting and they are de-eyed to help encourage more leaves.  These Caladiums are so versatile – perfect for hanging baskets, landscapes and other types of containers." 
 New additions this year include: 

Caladium White Star
HEART TO HEART® ‘White Star’ Caladium
Caldium Bold n Beautiful
HEART TO HEART® ‘Bold ‘N Beautiful Caladium
Caladium Burning Heart
‘Burning Heart’ Caladium
Caladium Clowning Around
HEART TO HEART® ‘Clowning Around’ Caladium
Caladium Hot Flash
HEART TO HEART® ‘Hot Flash’ Caladium
Caladium Hot 2 Trot
HEART TO HEART® ‘Hot 2 Trot’ Caladium
Caladium Xplosion
HEART TO HEART® ‘Xplosion’ Caladium

Be My Calla  — "The six top performing varieties in the Be My Calla lily series have bolder, non-fading colors, larger bloom size than existing varieties, long-lasting and continuous flowering, and attractive maculated foliage," Konsoer explains. "They are pretreated for disease prevention and the size 18 bulbs have more eyes for a more robust crop and more flower stems.  These are perfect for indoor and outdoor applications."  
This new series includes: 

First Love
BE MY™ First Love Calla
BE MY™ Heart Calla
Main Squeeze
BE MY™ Prince Calla
BE MY™ Princess Calla
BE MY™ Sunshine Calla


New Annuals for 2022 

Artist Pearl

Artist® Pearl Ageratum — "This is the best white flowering Ageratum we've ever seen in our trial gardens," Konsoer notes. "With excellent vigor, it makes a gorgeous looking Grande™ container, holding up nicely on the bench.  It's also one of the best pollinator attractors for supporting bees — gardeners will love that!" 

Angelface® Cascade Snow Angelonia — "This variety is perfect for spring hanging baskets and containers, as it blooms one to two weeks early," he says.  "In warmer areas, it's easily ready for Mother's Day and in the north, for Memorial Day.  Use it as an ideal filler and thriller in recipes." 

Superbells Double Twilight
Superbells® Double Twilight™ Calibrachoa — "With its silvery lavender petals and dark purple punch center, this plant is an eye-catching addition to the Superbells double line.  No deadheading is needed and it's screened for disease resistance," he adds.  

Ladybird Lemonade
LADYBIRD™ Lemonade Calylophus
Ladybird Sunglow
LADYBIRD™ Sunglow Calylophus


Ladybird™ Calylophus — "This is a new genus derived from a Texas native, so it loves things hot, dry and sunny — perfect for the southwest United States," Konsoer explains. "But it also works well in the North as cooler nights enhance its flowering performance."  This is available in Lemonade and in a deeper yellow Sunglow.  

ColorBlaze El Brighto
COLORBLAZE® El Brighto Coleus (Solenostemon) 
ColorBlaze Newly Noir
COLORBLAZE® NEWLY NOIR Coleus (Solenostemon)


ColorBlaze® Coleus (Solenostemon— "These amazing plants do well in sun or shade, with later or no flowering. Newly Noir™ is an improvement to Dark Star with very dark foliage.  El Brighto has tricolor foliage with excellent branching. Both are late to flower and maintenance free," he says. 

Blue My Mind
Blue My Mind® XL Evolvulus — "Proven Winners revolutionized the genus Evolvulus with the original Blue My Mind® and its compact habit," he explains, "Blue My Mind XL grows 30 to 50% larger and is ideal for mass plantings in landscapes or used in container recipes. It's drought tolerant and loves the summer." 

Suncredible Saturn
Suncredible® Saturn™ Helianthus — "Saturn has bicolor russet red rings contrasting with 3-inch yellow blooms and dark green foliage," Konsoer notes.  "It flowers earlier, with a bushy habit perfect for spring, summer and fall sales."  Consumers will love that it is deer resistant and attracts bees and butterflies. 

Augusta Lavender
Augusta® Lavender Heliotropium — "The vigorous upright habit of Augusta is dense, with large flower clusters of lavender purple flowers with a yellow eye," he says. "Perfect as a thriller or filler, it is heat and humidity tolerant, and thrives in warm or cool conditions." 

Safari Dawn
SAFARI® Dawn Jamesbrittenia
Safari Sky
SAFARI® Sky Jamesbrittenia


Safari® Jamesbrittenia — "This is another new genus with zero rooting issues and mildew resistance for all-season flowers," Konsoer explains.  "It is related to Sutera and can be used in the same places but is more heat tolerant."  Dawn has rose flowers with large yellow eyes, while Sky has lilac-purple flowers with golden eyes.  

Lucious Citron

Luscious® Citron™ Lantana — Konsoer points out that Luscious Lantana are easy for consumers to grow, and Citron is an ideal addition to the series. "This replaces Lemonade, with a fuller habit, richer color and larger flowers.  It works well in landscapes and containers, is a great pollinator attractor, and grows successfully in both north and south." 

Laguna Cloud White
Laguna Sky Blue
  LAGUNA® Sky Blue Lobelia


Laguna® Lobelia — Two exciting new Laguna upgrades are Cloud White™ and Sky Blue.  "Cloud White replaces Laguna White with more heat tolerance and vigor, so it's better in recipes.  It also has more refined growth habit, as well as larger and showier flowers.  Sky Blue is an upgrade with better summer performance, more flowers and a true sky blue color.  It will last longer and be more reliable in recipes," he predicts. 

Violet Knight
Violet Knight™ Lobularia — "This sterile addition replaces Dark Night because it has better rooting ability along with cold and heat tolerance," he says. This will allow it to grow stronger in recipes, landscapes and as a monoculture.  

BOLDLY® Coral Pelargonium
Hot Pink
BOLDLY® Hot Pink Pelargonium 

BOLDLY® White Pelargonium


Boldly® Pelargonium — Three new interspecific varieties in the Boldly series are a cross between zonal and ivy geraniums, offering vigorous growth and flower production.  Coral has hot coral red flowers, while Hot Pink has exceptional vigor and intense color.  White shares the rounding/trailing habit and heat tolerance.  All three are ideal for combinations, landscapes or monoculture containers. 

 Petunia Priscilla
Supertunia® Priscilla® Petunia — "This improved double flowering Petunia grows fragrant light purple flowers in a refined habit," he says. "It is early to bloom, with better branching and self-cleaning."  It mounds well in containers and landscapes and enhances blue and purple themed recipes. 

Petunia Jazzberry
Supertunia Vista® Jazzberry™ Petunia — Count on Jazzberry to impress in landscapes or large containers, with its vigorous growth and upright habit, which is similar to Supertunia Vista® Paradise.  The fuchsia purple flowers are ample and self-cleaning.  

Unplugged Salvia
Unplugged® Pink Salvia — "This Salvia is more compact than Rockin'® but the most floriferous of its kind that we have trialed," explains Konsoer.  "It has easy production in containers and is the first Salvia guaranitica we recommend for use in hanging baskets.  The fuchsia pink flowers stand up to heat and humidity, it's deer resistant, and it is a hummingbird magnet." Unplugged received a Retailer's Choice Award from Garden Center magazine at Cultivate '21, which is given to the best new products that "bring excitement and high level of interest" to garden center stores.

 Coconut A-Peel
Coconut A-Peel® Thunbergia — This popular A-Peel climbing series for trellises, fences and hanging basket chains has a new addition with Coconut, which grows striking creamy white flowers with black centers.   "It was good branching in containers for a fuller look and is perfect for moon gardens." 

Cake Pops Pink
CAKE POPS™ Pink Verbena
Cake Pops Purple
CAKE POPS™ Purple Verbena


Cake Pops™ Verbena — Both Cake Pops Pink and Purple have a slightly more upright habit than Superbena® and deer-proof serrated foliage.  "They won't cycle out of flower and are ideal for hot and humid conditions, thanks to their drought tolerance," notes Konsoer.  "They prefer moderate to dry conditions, are pollinator attractors and will thrive in containers with good drainage." 

Superbena Imperial Blue
Superbena® Imperial Blue™ Verbena 
— "Imperial Blue is early to bloom and has a tighter habit with more larger flowers than its predecessor Dark Blue," he says.  "With resistance to Powdery Mildew and a habit like Violet Ice, it's great for combinations, monocultures or landscapes." 
To see the new ColorChoice® Shrubs and Proven Selections® Annuals for 2022, see the new Four Star digital catalog here or call 734-654-6420.