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AquaPots™ Self-Watering Containers

These stunning ceramic containers incorporate a unique water reserve and wicking process that allows plants to go up to a week without watering. Watch this video to see how these amazing and beautiful containers work.


New Proven Winners® Marketing Supports Garden Retailers

Jessica DeGraaf, Proven Winners® Retail Account Manager, talks about Proven Winners' 2019-2020 marketing programs, and how they will generate more than two billion consumer impressions this year! 


New Varieties for 2020!

Josh Miller, Four Star’s New Product Development Manager shows some of the most exciting new varieties to debut for the 2020 season.  


Auto Stix Improves Rooting and Protects Cuttings

See our amazing new Auto Stix machine in action as it takes biodegradable strips of cuttings and uniformly sticks them at a rate of up to 10,000 cuttings per hour! Jeff Back, Director of Greenhouse Operations, explains how it increases productivity and produces better liners for you. 


We have your must-have varieties!

Four Star's production system is designed to make sure we have your favorite Proven Winners® varieties throughout the season. Dennis Crum, Director of Growing Operations, explains how our high-quality, grower-ready liners are available at all times, especially in peak weeks.


Late Season Performers

These season long performers thrive through hot and sunny summer days, well into the cool autumn conditions of September and October. Ian McGreevy, Four Star’s Signature Garden Designer talks about his favorite garden plants.


New Varieties for 2019!

Josh Miller, Four Star’s New Product Development Manager, highlights some of the most exciting new debuts for the 2019 season in this video.


Reliably Fast & Accurate Shipping

Logistics & Customer Fulfillment Manager Tom Brown offers us a look into a typical day in the shipping department at Four Star, where 2,400 liner trays per hour are accurately and efficiently sorted before safely shipping to your door.


Grower Support

Dennis Crum, Director of Growing Operations, talks about what Four Star Greenhouse can do to help make a grower's job easier.


Innovative New 104 Liner Trays

Want to know more about our innovative new 104 liner trays? Product Line Manager and Offsite Manager Brian Bourdon shows how these trays offer more plants and save time and shipping dollars.


Innovative ErfGoed Floors

Site Manager, Dan Foster, walks us through construction on Four Star's new build and the installation of the innovative ErfGoed flood.


Fast, Accurate Shipping to Your Door

See how our unique Sorting Line handles 2,400 liner trays per hour and how your plants are carefully sorted and packed to arrive quickly and safely to your door.


Robotic Sticking at Four Star

We're excited to be able to mechanize and speed up the consistent sticking of cuttings with our new ISO 2500 machines. See how the robotic arm picks up and orients the placement of every cutting -- it's amazing!


Exciting Happenings at Four Star

Tom Smith, founder of Four Star Greenhouse, shows some of the many exciting happenings going on, including new greenhouse construction for shrubs, perennials and annuals, the unique Four Star pay-by-scan system showing best selling varieties, and more.


Fly Over Four Star Gardens

View our gorgeous Display Gardens from an overhead perspective in this short video. See how we combine hundreds of new and favorite annuals, perennials and shrubs into several outstanding garden areas and water features.


72 Hours in the Shipping Department

Peak season gets a little crazy here, as this time-lapse video shows. We documented just 72 hours during our busiest season to show all the products we process through the shipping department on their way to our customers.


Bundled Combinations Make it Easy

See how easy it is to order and grow best-selling combinations by selecting our new Bundled Combinations. Each bundle contains all the plants and combination-specific tags needed to create 42 combinations.


Benchrun Your Crops Efficiently

The Benchrun Collections from Four Star group top-selling varieties together that have the same growing requirements, making it easy for growers to consistently and efficiently produce great looking Proven Winners® crops.


Choose the Right Size Liner for Your Operation

In this video, Product Line Manager Brian Bourdon explains the differences between Standard 84 and Supernova® treated liners, and how each works best for different situations.