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Elevate Your Retail Profits

Hundreds of garden center retailers have learned how to increase their profits by selling Proven Winners® plants and products to their customers. Help your customers succeed with gardening – with good merchandising and the right products.

Know What to Sell

Let us suggest plants that sell best in your area and can boost your sales using our barcode tracking and merchandising ideas. This barcode tracking program covers all plant varieties, containers, and combinations sold. The statistics generated can help retailers order confidently and narrow their selections to get great sellers. To learn more, contact Amber Coch, Retail Ready Sales Manager at 734-654-6420 or

More Profit Potential with Proven Winners®

Independent research shows that Proven Winners® plants and products sell faster than generics and consistently command higher prices because consumers understand the value in this brand.

Ways to Boost Sales of Proven Winners® Plants

Create a Store-within-a-Store – Garden retailers who establish a Store-within-a-Store consistently grow sales (and profit margins) by merchandising all of their Proven Winners® products together – plants, soils, plant food and Waterwise™ Home Irrigation Kits. Learn more about the Store-within-a-Store concept here.

Make sure your plants are branded – Proven Winners® sell more when customers can clearly see they are buying the real thing. Be sure you use Proven Winners® white branded containers and include Container Style tags with large planters.

Use innovative merchandising tools — Create end-caps and use customized, Proven Winners® lifestyle POP to inspire customers and guide them to the products that move them. Signs, banners, bench tape and bench cards all serve as silent sales staff. Learn more about Proven Winners® POP here.

Reach out through social media — Connect with today’s customers via social media to inform and educate them. Use Proven Winners® free digital graphics in your social media and digital outreach efforts.

Take advantage of Proven Winners® programs – Proven Winners® provides free employee training, retail workshops and invests millions of dollars in consumer marketing to drive demand. Learn how you can benefit from these programs here.

Ordering, your way — Make ordering even easier when you order “By the Rack” and we will fill your racks with the hottest products.

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