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Proven Winners® Retail Support

The Certified Training Program

It’s free, it’s easy, and it gives your staff the information they need to make more sales. The Proven Winners® Certified Garden Center Program will increase your knowledge of Proven Winners® plants, products and consumer trends, and it can all be done on-line.

Certified garden centers will be given priority listing in your local area on the Proven Winners® website, improving your exposure to the local gardening community.

Click here to see how your employees can be certified.


Enroll in Proven Winners University

Get quick tips for your staff and seasonal ideas for your customers. Proven Winners University is a series of two- to five-minute videos that can be used weekly to educate your garden center employees on key topics that consumers are asking about. Offered exclusively to certified retailers for FREE!


Proven Winners® Consumer Marketing

Since its founding more than 20 years ago, Proven Winners® has spent millions of dollars marketing the brand through advertisements and events to consumers nationwide. This consistent marketing has built strong consumer demand for Proven Winners® plants and products. No other plant brand has invested in the marketing like Proven Winners®.

The Certified Training Program


PW University
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