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Shade Solutions

Four Star is committed to providing a variety of plants that are suited for shady areas, including annuals, perennials, shrubs and combinations. Plant listings show ideal growing conditions for part sun, partial shade, or shade.

Top Shade Varieties

Here are the Top 10 Shade Varieties:

  1. Dragon Wing® series Begonia
  2. Surefire® series Begonia
  3. Dolce® series Heuchera
  4. Shadowland® Hosta series
  5. SunPatiens® series Impatiens
  6. Pink Chablis® Lamium
  7. Infinity®, Ruffles™ series New Guinea Impatiens
  8. ColorBlaze® series Solenostemon (Coleus)
  9. Catalina® series, Summer Wave® series Torenia
  10. Vinca Vine Standard
Surefire™ series Begonia- Rose Surefire™ Red With Green Leaf Dolce® series Heuchera – Blackberry Ice
Hudson Bay Sunpatiens® series Impatiens – Compact Royal Magenta Pink Chablis® Lamium
Infinity® series New Guinea Impatiens - Lavendar ColorBlaze® series Solenostemon – Apple Brandy® Catalina® series, Torenia - Grape-O-licious

Downy Mildew Alert

Most retailers are aware of the problems with Downy Mildew emerging as a threat to Impatiens walleriana varieties in the last few years. While this disease is not a problem in all states, it has surfaced in more than 30 states and retailers in those areas should consider educating customers on alternative plants for shady areas.

To learn more about the disease and preventative growing practices, see the Proven Profits article by Four Star’s Ken Dushane, Integrated Pest Management Coordinator, here.

Impatiens Alternative Ideas

We recommend these shade-tolerant varieties as excellent alternatives to Impatiens in areas where Downy Mildew is prevalent. Your customers may be interested in trying these:

  1. Begonia — Surefire®, Dragon Wing®, Pegasus®, Nonstop® series
  2. Coleus — ColorBlaze® series
  3. Euphorbia — Diamond® series
  4. Heuchera — Dolce® series
  5. Ipomoea — Sweet Caroline & Illusion® series
  6. Lobelia — Laguna™ & Lucia® series
  7. New Guinea Impatiens — Infinity®, Ruffles™ series
  8. Oxalis — Charmed®
  9. Pansiola (Viola) — Anytime® series
  10. Proven Winners® Hosta, Ligularia, Hydrangea, and Azaleas
  11. Proven Selections® Fuchsia
  12. Salvia — Blue Frost & Evolution
  13. Torenia — Catalina® & Summer Wave®
  14. Vinca Vine
Begonia —  NONSTOP® Rose Petticoat Coleus — Colorblaze® - Dipt in Wine Euphorbia — Diamond Frost®
Heuchera — Dolce® Cinnamon Curls Ipomoea — Sweet Caroline Raven Lobelia — Laguna™ Sky Blue
New Guinea Impatiens — Infinity® Pink Frost Salvia —Evolution Torenia — Catalina® Gilded Grape

For more information on Impatiens alternatives, see this Proven Profits article: Impatiens Alternatives Offer Advantages