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Shade Solutions

Four Star is committed to providing a variety of plants that are suited for shady areas, including annuals, perennials, shrubs and combinations. Plant listings show ideal growing conditions for part sun, partial shade, or shade.

Top Shade Varieties

Here are the Top 10 Shade Varieties:

  1. Dragon Wing® series Begonia
  2. Surefire® series Begonia
  3. Dolce® series Heuchera
  4. Shadowland® Hosta series
  5. Hippo® series Hypoestes
  6. SunPatiens® series Impatiens
  7. Pink Chablis® Lamium
  8. Infinity® series New Guinea Impatiens
  9. ColorBlaze® series Solenostemon (Coleus)
  10. Catalina® series Torenia
Surefire™ series Begonia- Rose Surefire™ Red With Green Leaf Dolce® series Heuchera – Blackberry Ice
Hudson Bay Sunpatiens® series Impatiens – Compact Royal Magenta Pink Chablis® Lamium
Infinity® series New Guinea Impatiens - Lavendar ColorBlaze® series Solenostemon – Apple Brandy® Catalina® series, Torenia - Grape-O-licious


Shade Combinations for 2019

Bali Beach
Banana Joe
Banana Split
Carousel Kisses
Curacao Dream
Dragon Dance
Dramatic Dragon
Enduring Enchantment
Fresca Dorada
Gloria Rose
Great Barrier Reef
Light It Up
Lime Rickey
Manoa Falls
Neon Dreams
Peppermint Twist
Puzzle Pieces
Regal Rainbow
Salzburg Shadow
Thinking Out Loud
Tranquil Waves
Whimsical Wandering

To see all of the Shade Combination options, click on the links below:
Hanging Basket Combination
Upright Container Combination

Bali Beach
Salzburg Shadow