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Expand Profits with Proven Winners® Retail Products

Position your business as the must-visit garden center ‘destination’ in your market. When you sell Proven Winners® brand plants and products, your customers will have full confidence in the product and their ability to be successful gardeners.  And, you have the ability to earn higher profit margins by selling Proven Winners® in the white branded containers than by selling generic or in-house brands – it’s a proven fact! 

Recent consumer research shows that gardeners chose Proven Winners® at a rate of 5-to-1 when sold in the white branded containers, with accompanying P.O.P display.  Why leave profits on the table?  Proven Winners® branded containers and merchandising can go a long way to help you increase your margins.

See how to realize more profit per square foot of retail space with Proven Winners® products here.

Learn how retailers are increasing their sales by up to 5 times with a Store-within-a-Store!

Give your customers great gardening ideas with the Proven Winners® “Gardeners Idea Book,” available to mail with your name & logo.   To order, click here. Or, download it (PDF) here:

Gardener's Idea Book

Offer Your Customers the Best

Proven Winners® plants are rigorously tested and trialed to ensure the features gardeners love: Amazing color, consistent growth, lower maintenance needs, disease resistance, and unique features. Proven Selections® regional annuals and perennials offer unique performance as companions to Proven Winners® plants.  See all of this year’s finished plants from Four Star.

High-Demand Plants and Products Make it easy for your customers to grow healthy plants with Proven Winners® Plant Food, Soils and WaterWise™ Home Drip Irrigation Kits.  Learn more here.