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Self-Propagation Program

Unrooted Cutting

Self-Propagation for Select Varieties

Key Account growers qualify to participate in our Self-Propagation program, which offers multiple purchasing options for select Proven Winners® and Proven Selections® varieties. Four Star will automatically ship 4.25 Grande™ branded containers for all Self-Propagation orders, unless you request another size branded container. Choose from two options:

Order Direct from Four Star
Purchase unrooted cuttings of the following varieties direct from Four Star:

Self-Propagation Details

Order from an Outside Supplier
Purchase seed, rooted liners or unrooted cuttings of the following varieties from an outside supplier:

Self-Propagation Details

How do I place a Self-Propagation order?

RUFFLES™ Fuchsia and ANYTIME™ Dove
  1. Order your Boldly, Timeless, Surefire, Anytime, and Proven Selections from your supplier of choice. The material may be ordered as seed, unrooted cuttings or rooted liners.
  2. Submit a copy of the order acknowledgment to Four Star and request the Self-Propagation program.
  3. Let us know the following information when you place your order:
  • What ship week would you like the tags and containers to arrive?
    We recommend receiving these items the week before you are scheduled to receive your plant material.
  • Choose either branded containers or hanging basket tags for your Proven Winners items. Hanging basket tags are not available for Proven Selections items. If you do not select have a preference, 4.25 Grande™ branded containers will be shipped automatically.

How do I place an Unrooted Cuttings order?

  1. Order your Sweet Caroline, Illusion, Infinity and Mojave URCs from Four Star.
  2. Select between hanging basket tags or branded containers for your order.  4.25 Grande™ branded containers will ship automatically unless a different size container is requested.
To learn more contact Four Star at 734-654-6420.