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Shipping Calculator

Ways to Save

Start with SuperSaver Weeks
Order during SuperSaver weeks to receive the most cost-effective shipping rates. We’ve added even more SuperSaver weeks for your convenience. No matter the size of your order or the size of your business, you will save money over our competitively priced expedited rates. See the SuperSaver weeks for your region here.

Key Accounts Save Even More
When you reach Key Account status, your SuperSaver shipping cost goes even lower. As a Key Account customer, it doesn’t matter how many trays are in your shipment as long as it ships during a SuperSaver week – you will receive one low price on the entire shipment.

Custom Shipping Quotes Available
Ask us and we’ll give you a customized quote on your order. We can help you find the lowest price possible and maximize your savings. Contact us at 734.654-6420 or



Shipping Calculator (2018-2019)

Use this calculator (below) to determine your shipping costs and potential savings based on the number of trays.  You can compare SuperSaver rates with rates for other weeks.

Shipping quotes in this calculator apply only to Four Star tray sizes that are packed 8 trays per box.  Note — some plants ship in larger tray sizes and will fit fewer trays per box.

Per tray rates have been rounded to the nearest cent. Actual shipping rates are based on the total number of boxes shipped.

For shipping quotes on larger tray sizes and more information, contact your broker or call 734.654.6420.

*For Bare Roots shipping, please contact your customer service representative.

How to Qualify for the Key Account Rate

Bronze:  20,000 – 49,999 liners purchased annually
Silver:  50,000 – 99,999 liners purchased annually
Gold:  100,000 plus liners purchased annually