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The Complete Package Program

A Better Plant Deserves a Better Package

New for 2022 – Annuals Join the Complete Package

Since its introduction, Proven Winners® has demonstrated that branding works. Consumers have come to equate the Proven Winners name with exemplary garden performance and have shown they are willing to pay more for a quality product that makes them successful. The addition of Proven Winners annuals to the Complete Package Program will make them easy for consumers to find, increasing your profitability and your bottom line.

We’re excited to announce that all Proven Winners annuals will now be sold in the signature white branded container, joining all other Proven Winners plant programs, which have been sold in branded containers for years. When offered in the signature white branded container, all other Proven Winners product lines have experienced double digit sales growth.

What Does This Change Mean to Me?

Beginning this growing season, all Proven Winners annual liners scheduled for shipment on or after November 1 will require a branded container or container style tag. Choose the ordering option that best suits your growing plans.


Ordering Options

Option 1/Default: Single Pot Production

For single pot production of annuals, any size Proven Winners branded container may be used, except for the 3.5” containers used exclusively with Proven Accents® plants. If a container size is not specified in the order, liners will automatically ship with a Grande™ Co-Ex container. You may select any Grande or larger Proven Winners container that fits your production needs when planning your program.

Single Pot Production Option

Option 2: Combinations

For combination plantings there are two options:

1. Bundled Kits – This program offers nearly 400 beautiful trialed and tested combination kits. Those ordered before November 1 will receive a combination-specific tag; those placed after that may arrive with a standard Proven Winners Container Style tag.

2. Custom Combinations/Tag Exchange – If you use Proven Winners Annuals for your custom combinations, you may continue to use our tag exchange option. Combinations must include at least 75% Proven Winners or Proven Selections® varieties. You will receive a large Proven Winners Container Style tag instead of branded containers, while reducing the number of stake tags. With an approximate ratio of 6:1, a beautiful universal Proven Winners container style tag and a reduced amount of variety-specific stake tags will be included, at no additional cost for Key Accounts.

Combination Options

Option 3: Multi-Option

If you order trays with plants to be split between single pot production and combinations, you will receive one branded container for every two liners and one stake tag per liner. To qualify for this option, your order must have an average of two trays or less per variety. Container style tags will be available for purchase.

Option 4: Professional Landscape

Growers selling directly to professional landscapers can grow in any landscape tray size. These orders will not require a Proven Winners branded container.

The new program will include all Proven Winners Annuals, including rooted liners, URCs, seeds or tip cuttings, which will need to be grown in a branded container or with a Proven Winners container style tag.


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